How India Changed My Life

Over the summer of 2017, I embarked on a journey that flipped my entire perception of life.

Upon arriving in the overwhelming city of New Delhi, India, I knew I would no longer be the same Michelle. The riveting sensation tingled my bones.
This change may not be traceable back to a single moment for all, but at least for me, it can. This moment made me into the person I am proud to call myself today, and walk as a better person.

This epitimal moment for me was the second i journeyed to the abundant land of India. My life did a 180 degree flip. Now, one must remember that when they set foot in an underdeveloped country, all expectations must be set aside. One must let the adventure carry them, and go where the wind takes them. And that is exactly what I did!

Imagine yourself in a country completely foreign to you,
one that you’ve heard of since the beginning of time, but never been able to touch down upon until this very moment.

Cows, EVERYWHERE. And people, EVERYWHERE. All dressed in bright colors, living amongst each other, in perfect and flawless harmony. I was in shock. How could they be so calm with all the underlying chaos?

And as expected, complete and desperate poverty.
The slums are everywhere. The people are everywhere. They seek refuge under any tree that will offer shade with its leaves. The sun beats strong, around 40 degrees Celsius during the day in the summer. Yet, they all get up to finish their tasks of the day, no matter how exhausting it may be. You could live like a king for $10 a day.

To my surprise, there are very few beggars. They are such hard-working people.
If they don’t have the resources, they dig them up from the ground. They pick up any odd job they can make 50 rupees off of (1 dollar = 64 rupees). Men will stand with a scale, a measuring tape, scissors. A barber shop will be set up on the street, consisting of a mirror, a chair, and a clipper. I’m amazed.

Although short, my experience in India was one that touched my life in the most positive way possible.
One that is to be repeated on a yearly basis. My eyes were opened to the exact reality people live in. But, they are not any less happy than us. Quite the opposite. They are so appreciative for what they have. If they share the two-bedroom house with seven of their family members, they are MORE than grateful to have a home to cover their heads.

No society will ever be perfect, or live in complete harmony and happiness.
But, I believe we have a lot to learn from the beautiful culture the people of India bring forward. If I have obtained a single piece of knowledge to pass on, it is this: travel into the unknown. Widen your horizons, go East! Do not restrict yourself to the typical destinations visited, I promise it will be worth it. The entire trip was so light on the pocket, yet heavy on my heart.


What would you do to step out of your comfort zone?
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8 Things Waiters Hate To Hate

They say, “A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person.”
Well said Dave Barry and thank you for this awesome observation.
Let’s elaborate more on that, shall we?

We talked to some waiters and gathered some of the common things that they hate to hate when on duty.

1. Give the waiter your attention as he approaches your table

It’s okay to put your cellphone away and stare at the waiter. Don’t just keep on talking to the other people at the table while the waiter is addressing you. Don’t answer his “Hi! How are you doing today?” with a “One Diet Coke please”. You don’t care about his life and nor does he. But it wouldn’t hurt to respond to the waiter’s friendliness. At the end of the day, he’s just making sure you get a nice overall experience.

2. Make sure that everyone on the table is actually ready to order before you call the waiter.

Ready to order? Great for you! But wait a second. Before the eager and hungry you calls the waiter, make sure that the rest of the table have decided on what they want to have. It’s actually rude to make the waiter wait for everyone to make up their minds. He could have been serving another table in the meantime, and your friends wouldn’t have felt the pressure either (#AllEyesOnThem). It’s a win win, right?

3. Patience. Patience. Patience

We can all get cranky when the food takes more time to arrive. It’s normal. But don’t let it out on the waiter as he has nothing to do with that (and is probably feeling stressed about it too)! Instead, ask him ‘politely’ to check with the kitchen crew.

4. There is no such thing as WonderWaiter

Yes, the waiter did clean the table before you came in. And yes the waiter is probably great at multitasking, but remember he only has two hands, just like me, you and everyone else.  So when the food arrives, make sure to get your phone, charger, tablet, jacket, scarf and purse out of the way. He shouldn’t be responsible of your own messiness too.

 5. Don’t show a sign of superiority

Seriously though, don’t snap your fingers at your waiter. It’s such a faux-pas and it’s extremely rude. Don’t shout his name either. Wait until he gets close to your table and then call him. And don’t worry, waiters will always know that you’re looking for them. They will understand your body language or eye contact.  You will not go unnoticed. And in case your waiter is occupied by another table, you can always talk to someone else.

 6. What is rush hour?

Take a moment. Breathe and observe. Is the restaurant packed? More than the usual? Then expect a waiting list for your table and a slower service for your food. Don’t blame the waiter and go all crazy on him. If you feel that you have to leave a comment to the management of the restaurant, you can ask the waiter for a recommendation card (maybe suggest more waiters or more people in the kitchen). And no,  you can never suggest waiters with extra hands…

 7. Before you leave

Now we know, you’re basically full and just wanna leave. You don’t really feel like cleaning up afterwards. Well no one expects you to take out your plates and sanitize the table, but do the minimum at least. Don’t leave your dirty napkins and tissues spread out everywhere. Make it a bit easier for the waiter and leave a nice impression.

 8. Tip, tap top…but tip!

Did you know that waiters rely on your tips for their living? Yes! The actual pay per hour for a waiter is not very… much, and think about all those super busy days and nights they’ve had, the fact that they skip their toilets breaks if the restaurant gets too crowded and well, everything else they go through. It’s physically, and mentally, tiring.
Keep in mind that better tipping will always serve you as a customer, since the waiter will keep on having better motives. Not to forget that most of the waiters are college students, trying to save up for their tuition or get some pocket money.

It’s your turn now…

Share with us in the comments section below your funniest encounter with a waiter for a chance to win two vouchers at one of our partners, CLASSIC Burger Joint and indulge in their yummy juicy burgers !!


13 Pictures Why we love you mom




A superhero who can handle chaos and difficulties, as strong and brave as 10 men combined

Photographer: Tamara Saade (@beirutmemories)

A warm heart who will always hold you tight like a baby no matter how old you get


and no matter how rude, stubborn and annoying you become,


she will always sacrifice her life for your own happiness

Photographer: Tamara Saade (@beirutmemories)

Her favorite shopping is picking up fresh fruits and vegetables for you guys

Photographer: KArl BouRheily (@karlbourj)

… doesn’t matter if you don’t like vegetables, she will make you have that meal anyway

Photographer: Ramona El Khoury (@ramonakphotography)

And remember those days when she did not let you go out before you learn how to fix your own room? (“Eltile badik t3ishe lahalik?”)


Or maybe these nights when you would go sleep next to her in bed after having watched a horror movie?

Photographer: Noir Barakat (@noirbarakat)

And hey, don’t forget about those late night sessions she has had

Whether it’s making sure you get your daily dose of caffeine on your overnights procrastination studying


Or just worried waiting for you to answer the “waynak/waynik” spamming whatsapps because you never answer her calls ofc


And trust me, no matter how much you try to please her during the day

Photographer: Elie el Khoury (@elierkhoury)

You know she will give you that death look when you come back home at 5 a.m.

Photographer: Angelo Beaini (@angelobeaini )

The story hasn’t ended and there are a lot of other motherly moments that we have not talked about… yet.

So wanna take your mama out?
Share with us in the comments section below a personal motherly moment. The most creative comment will win a voucher for 2 at “Couqley”! That’s a gift she’ll love for sure!

And a BIG Shoutout to all the amazing photographers who made this beautiful story happen!! (Check their Instagram pages!)

Yours Truly,

Lucky to be Young


Let’s Overcome That Major FOMO Of Ours

In a world where social media is taking over our lives, where we are constantly glued to our screens and where everyone tries to show their best/coolest/most epic life moments to their friends and followers, everyone wants to get a taste of everything that’s happening around. But when the eager You has not much time, has other duties or  is maybe tight on budget, you will not be able to join the hype (that everyone’s part of), and thus you will experience a major FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Whether the word sounds too blondish for you or not, you know it’s true. It is serious. Everyone has experienced this feeling at least once!

Source: ANNA AKANA -FOMO (SHort Movie)

1.Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand …fictions

So it’s Saturday night and you can’t go out because it’s finals period. Here you are, glued to your books and papers. Then you decide to open your phone and take a small break from your studying. You open your Instagram stories and here you go: your bestfriend is at this awesome house party, your classmates are having the perfect night at your favorite club and your other friends are trying that brand new restaurant. Here it comes: FOMO. But you should also know that these moments of major fun that you just saw are just a capture of the best moment of the night. The party might not be that awesome or the restaurant might not be that special. (Unless it’s Couqley, then you should totally take one for the team and grace your friends with a %10 discount with your Lucky to be Young card!) All I’m trying to say is that you never know what is really going on behind the scenes. That picture perfect moment you’re watching may not reflect the true atmosphere of the scene. But think about it, who would want to post a boring story after all?

Source: FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out (very short film)
Source: FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out (very short film)

2.Tsokay to say “NO”

So your outdoorsy friends have decided to plan a day out to this beautiful destination that everyone’s posting about, but you have other duties on this very same day: your family is in town and there is this big annual family event that you had totally forgotten about (#ButThatsNoExcuseToFamily). Saying no to this awesome plan might be hard to deal with, but you should learn to be able to say “no” with full determination and conviction and to manage your plans according to priority. Sometimes, less is more. Aiming to make it to every plan so you wouldn’t miss a thing is actually bad for you as you won’t be able to enjoy them all to the fullest. And remember, saying no with conviction means that you shouldn’t sit on your phone all day and watch all the fun that you’re not being part of. On the contrary, you should avoid these “evil” stories  and make use of what you have right now.

3.all we have is now

Enjoy the moment that you are having right now. Enjoy the plan you have and the people you’re with. Don’t keep thinking about that “awesome” moment that you will be carefully capturing and posting in a bit, don’t think about that Snapchat story that will showcase the best version of your outing. Don’t have this constant urge to show everyone how much fun you’re having. Remember, no one is waiting for your story and no one’s going to think that you’re actually bored if you don’t post a story or a picture. Now if you’re naturally an online person who just likes to share a lot, that’s totally OK as long as you don’t forget about the real moment and as long as you remember that you’re online feed is a reflection of your real moments and not the other way around.

Source: Are You Living an insta lie? social media vs. reality (short movie)
Source: Are You Living an insta lie? social media vs. reality (short movie)

4.Don’t compare your life/happiness to others’ 

Theodore Roosevelt once said “comparison is the thief of joy”, and we couldn’t agree more! One of FOMO’s symptoms is comparing your life to someone else’s. Remember, gratitude is key. Learn to appreciate and to love what you have instead of adjusting it to someone else’s. Besides, you never know the story behind every person’s life. Appreciate your “right now”. It’s one thing to scroll down your feed and liking people’s posts and another to scroll down while comparing your life to theirs. Inspiration is always great as long as you don’t lose yourself in someone else’s.

Source: "A Social Life"- Award Winning Short Film- Social Media Depression
Source: "A Social Life"- Award Winning Short Film- Social Media Depression

After all, what’s more important? Missing out on someone’s life or missing out on your own life?

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Not 1 But 25 Things To Love On Valentine’s

It’s that time of the year again. V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E!

And there are two scenarios that describe how you feel about this day. You either love it or hate it. There is no in between, right? If you love it, then you’re totally stressed over what to do, where to go, what to get your gf/bf or how to not look as cheesy as last time. But don’t worry; the internet got a lot of solutions for that.

And if you hate it, then you’re totally stress free since you have nothing to worry about. You’ll be chilling killing as long as you don’t see a lovy dovvy couple reminding you of those romantic moments you did have with your other half(or maybe didn’t). But don’t worry, the internet has also a lot of cool ideas for all the single people on how to enjoy a single Valentine’s day.

So basically, there is not perfect scenario. They all come with a package. I mean life ain’t perfect after all, right?

But let’s spice things up!

Valentine’s is actually related to the romantic love but that doesn’t mean we can’t have other things to love on this day.

25 sounds good! Yes, we are lucky enough to have 25 things to love!

1.To Start with, Love Your Person

Because, well let’s be honest, that’s what Valentine is originally all about, your romantic love.

2.Love Your Family

Your mom, dad, sister, brother, grandparents, auntie, uncle, cousin, cousin’s husband, cousin’s cousin, your grandma’s neighbor’s sister, literally all of them.
Whether you never knew some of them existed or not, you know they would kill for you!

3. Love Your Bestfriend

Because bestfriends are for life!

4.Love The Single You

Being single doesn’t mean you’re lonely. In fact, you will never know how to love someone else if you don’t love yourself enough. So invest in this time to get to know yourself better, to grow, and most importantly to learn on enjoying your own company!

5.Your Job/Internship/School

If you haven’t found what you like to do just yet, don’t worry because you will. But remember that happiness is a road and not an end. So love what you have for now and do it with passion. You never know where it will take you!

6.Love Your Talent

Because it will love you back even more! If you let It grow, it will grow; and most importantly, it will never break up with you!

7.Love That Book That Changed Your Life

We all have this one book that changed something in us, gave us another perspective or just affected us in a way.

8.Love That Unhealthy Relationship You Had

It might have broken you heart but it also made you the stronger person that you are today: A person with higher standards and different expectations.


Without them, you wouldn’t have discovered your true friends

10.Love these random nice people who would just smile at you for no reason!

And trust me, a simple smile can always change someone’s mood!

11. Love Your Favorite song

That song that is like therapy to you, that helps you escape or maybe makes you feel better!

12.Love that moment when your favorite meal comes out after a long time of starvation!

13.Love The weekend

It’s the weekend; no caption needed.

14.Love dem sales

When your favorite item is f-i-n-a-l-l-y on sale, this is a proof that you guys are just meant to be.

15.Love that awesome post workout feeling

We’re talking about mood boost, positive energy and stress reduction!

16.Love those deep late night conversations

Because the wolf in you believes that the best conversations are those that happen late at night

17.Love that The next season of your favorite series is about to come out reaaal soon!

18. Love that moment when you’re checking things off your bucket list

Or maybe your death list?

19.Love your PayDay

Because who doesn’t love the sound of a bling bling!

20.Love the second chances you get!

Because they don’t come very often…

21.Love The interesting and amazing people that add a sparkle to your life

Because they are rare to find.

22.Love The fights you avoided

“I swear I don’t love the drama it loves me…”- Are you sure though?

23.Love those awesome journeys you’ve had

And don’t forget to remember them when you’re having a bad day!

24.Love The good health you have

Because health is everything

25.Love your young self

Remember, you are still Lucky To Be Young!

Hey, We Want Your Input Too!

If you would like to add another thing to the list, do not hesitate to share it in our comments section below, for a chance to win a dinner for two at Urbanista!


The Moon Is On Our Side In Beirut City (Winter Edition)

If Beirut is known for something other than its beauty and its people, it’s definitely its nightlife.

In fact, B-City was featured in a lot of foreign magazines as a top city to party at, along with the big party cities such as Ibiza and Hamburg.

And what is a city without its people? I mean, the weekend in Beirut starts on Wednesday. And your biggest confusion is where to go tonight. And trust me; you’re gonna have to come up with better excuses to why you can’t party on a weekday… “I have work tomorrow” or “I need to wake up early and study” are just way too cliché and such a déjà vu.  Unless it is an emergency, there is no excuse that will let your friends give you the red card for a party.

So hurry up and pull off your favorite dancing shoes because here’s a list of some of the crazy parties that everyone’s talking about…I mean we do not want a major FOMO  after all, do we?

1.The Grand Factory: where music happens.

Wednesday is the new Friday

First things first. The idea that stretching protects the muscles sounds great! So before we get to the weekend, let’s start warming up! Do you remember that sad moment when you thought it was Friday, but turned out it was actually Wednesday? Well, drown no more because “The Block Party” got a solution for that.
Wednesdays are transformed into nights of dancing and fun to the best Pop music in town, at the Grand factory with The Block Party (embedded). A vibe so beautiful, it will make you a Wednesday lover.

P.S: Don’t take your Thursdays off to be able to attend every “The Block Party”. Instead, try to have the best of both worlds; you’re still young and Lucky after all!

Location: The Grand Factory, Seaside Road, Beirut


Previously on House of Pop…

They say there’s no place like home. But how about a house, where pop and disco meet, the music gets loud and the people go crazy! Yeah, well that’s what I thought, there’s no place like House of Pop!

After turning it up on Wednesday, The Grand Factory offers a Friday night like no other to all you party people. At House of Pop, the vibe is the realest, and we know you’ll feel it

Location: The Grand Factory, Seaside Road, Beirut

So will I C U NXT SAT?

The Grand Factory can go disco and pop all it wants, but on Saturdays, the dance floor is reserved for C U NXT SAT and for all the TECHNO lovers out there.
C U NXT SAT opens its doors every Saturday, to feature a DJ from abroad and make Beirut City go Techno.
Tip: Turn your Step Counter on and check it out the next day! You’ll be surprised by that little inner dancer inside you!

Location: The Grand Factory, Seaside Road, Beirut
Check out the featured DJs and upcoming events here 

2.B018: an underground with history

Ever since 1998, B018 , the “war architecture” designed club has been the place to be at for the underground music lovers. In a place that reflects Lebanon’s war history, all undergrounders unite to dance until the roof opens, the stars show, and the wind blows in their faces. You will never understand this beautiful feeling until you actually go there. The night is all crazy and fun, but when the roof opens and your hands touch the sky, this is when you will realize that even the sky is not your limit.

If you can already feel the energy burning in your bloodstream just by reading this, then you should definitely head to B018 this weekend  way before it kicks in !
Between the “TeknoAnd” and “Uberhaus” events happening almost every weekend, B018 has definitely double the  beauty!

Lcoation: B018 Karantina
To Know More

Will you take me back to the 80s?

Now how about some 80s vibes to take us back to the period that we never knew but always wished we did.
Need 25 reasons why everything was better in the 80s? Well, we’ll give you one, and here it is: 80s night, every Thursday night at B018 (embedded).
So get yourself on the dancefloor and come move with your other “I <3 80s” friends to your favorite oldies because this party is 80 times the fun!
Whether Billie Jean is your lover or not, this night will definitely be the one!

Location: BO18 Karantina
To Know More

3. Because 2 Weeks ain’t enough..

We believe that you can see almost everything in Lebanon in just two weeks. However, two weeks are obviously not enough for our party people when it comes to partying in 2 Weeks, the newest club in the city. What initially started as a pop up party for just a limited period of time turned out to become a seasonal one because the people “just can’t get enough”! They asked for an extension to this party and insisted to have “2 Weeks” every single weekend. So ‘2 Weeks‘ had to make it happen, way before it ended up in big riots. Besides, how can you say no to beautiful happy people who just wanna have a good time? I mean you can’t blame them for having adored the party, especially when you know you can lose yourself in there… So what are you waiting for? Don’t you wanna join them too? Well, it’s happening every weekend: a different lineup every Friday but the same exceptional night, and a mix of Urban, commercial and RnB music every Saurday nuts!

Location: BIEL, New Waterfront – Seaside Pavilion, 3rd Floor.
Click here to know more about the upcoming lineups 

4.When I say Disco, You say Party

DISCOTEK is the land of disco. And in the land of disco, people always want more. And more is never enough. For that reason, the place offers you 2 nights (Friday and Saturday) of unforgettable moments. They say be yourself, and this is what DISCOTEK does; it goes Disco on Fridays, making the people move to the groove. As for their Saturdays, they’re a bit twisted, or should I say, crazier. Inspired by the 1920s, DISCOTEK turns into DiscoFolies, popping into shows of a different world where the dancers will make you wish you were stuck in the 1920s. In a music atmosphere that varies between electro swing and commercial hits, you will definitely dance till you drop… on a pile of boas of course!

Location: Tanios Chahine, Quarantina. Beirut, Lebanon
To Know More

5.Why don’t you get CLOSR to the music?

In a world full of distances and disparities, the only thing we need is a sense of warmth and closeness. Which is why the people of music created CLOSR , a 2 floor-workshop to “get up close and personal with world renowned selectors”.
So here’s how the closeness work:
As we come closer to Friday #OneMoreTime, you’ll #comesclosr to your favorite hits of the season, from RnB to the greatest Pop hits. As for Saturdays, they are purely and fully TECHNO, featuring a DJ lineup of top international and local Djs; so don’t be shy and #comeclosr to your favorite Djs as they will make sure to give you a night you’ll never forget about!

Location: Rue 81, Karantina. Beirut, Lebanon
Check out the featured DJs and upcoming events here

6.One love – for the city streets. One love – for the hip-hop beats.

In the heart of Beirut, lays a giant wall of graffiti. Behind this wall, there’s a massive place where magic happens…where bodies dance, hearts beat and good vibes flow. It’s the one and only, the “O1NE”. Entering the O1ne is like going into that music video you’ve always wanted to be in. In a mix of English and Arabic Pop songs, where “Drunk in Love” and “3 Daqat” beautifully meet,  you will definitely lose yourself in there and dance yourself out!

Location: Biel-Beirut,Lebanon
To Know More

7.Ever heard of a place where the West and East met?

Well, if Beirut is the meeting point between West and East, then so is Caprice : between its URBAN Wednesday nights where the Top international/local RnB and Hip Hop DJs kick off the party and the Bazar Friday nights where the oriental beats flow in motion, there is definitely a hope for world peace.

So Dear people of the night, we know you’d love some JayZ and Kanye every now and then. So let us watch you “do the stanky leg” every Wednesday at Caprice’s URBN nights, before heading to the best Arabic songs of the year on Fridays at Caprice’s beautiful Bazaar nights.

Location: Sea Side Road, Dawra. Beirut, Lebanon 00
To know more about featured Djs and upcoming events

As for those who would rather have a chiller plan while still enjoying the city’s lifestyle, here you go!

Beirut city’s most famous Night streets are Marmikhael, Gemayzeh and Hamra. More recently, Badaro street also joined the club. The places there are very diverse and there is something for everyone!  You can have the most delicious bites there while having drinks late at night, surrounded by a lot of people, artsy streets, good music and positive vibes.

If you’re not a “street person” and would prefer to be in a closed place, then you should head to the The Village Dbayeh in Dbayeh, The Backyard in Hazmieh, Naccache Gardens in Naccache and Restos St Nicolas  in Achrafieh. You can thus enjoy good food before heading to the pubs.
P.S: There is a great party happening every Friday at The Village Dbayeh where the whole place turns into a place of dancing and fun to everyone’s most favorite hits of the season! So don’t miss out on that great village craziness!”


The dos and don’ts of a really special New Year’s Eve

Yes, it’s a special night and no, you definitely don’t want to ruin it.

New Year’s Eve (NYE) comes with a mix of anticipation and apprehension. Everyone around is exhibiting signs of the NYE syndrome: Where’s the party? Who’s coming? What to wear? How to make the “best party ever”? And for those of you who work to earn their living, there’s an additional question: how much is it going to cost?

These syndromes, however, can get out of control if not “treated” early enough with some sensible decisions. Here’s our short list of the do’s and don’ts of a cool, fun, and special NYE.

You definitely have some ideas of your own to share with the Luckies out there. Please comment and leave your DO or DON’T. The wittiest and most genuine tip will be rewarded with an awesome Apple Watch from our partner Interlink to start the New Year with a timely resolution around your wrist.


One sure way of ruining your NYE is planning the night according to what others (friends? followers? people? your Ex?) do. More than anywhere else, Lebanon has become so formatted that many seem to be living/eating/wearing/dating according to what “others” do or want us to believe they’re doing. It is hard to resist “ others’ ” influence. But listen to your heart, and you will know what really makes you happy on NYE, even if this means staying home with your family or sharing a great laugh with your cousins.


Yes it’s time you check what your besties are doing on NYE. There are probably several groups and as many options in the making. You can consider those options and decide according to things that matter to you:

who’s going to be there? Where is it happening? What do i need to get? etc.

Things get sour when we start over planning and wasting time and energy on irrelevant details (no, arguing over whether to go salmon canapés or zaatar minis is not going to make it or break it). Focus on the essentials.


There’s enough scientific evidence supporting that the end of the world is not on January 1st 2018. If you decide to throw all of your money on this one night and spend the rest of the month penniless and depressed, that’s your choice. But it’s a bad choice. Your bills are coming no matter how fun NYE was and no matter how many likes you get on your NYE selfies. Be prepared. Spend wisely.


The highlight of NYE is understandably at midnight, right? So what happens if you start off heavy on the booze and end up crawling on the floor – or even worse – by 10:30 pm? You’re definitely going to be the “star” of the evening, but not for the good reasons. Just don’t be ridiculous.


On NYE we’re supposed to be stylish. The problem starts when you get the right style for the wrong party. See what we’re talking about? Just make sure you know where you’re going and what kind of party this is. Wearing a tiny evening dress with beautiful shiny stilettos won’t do good if the party is at Fadi’s mountain house and all the guests are wearing jeans and boots and sitting on the carpet. You may have spent a fortune on your tuxedo but you will definitely look like a “special case” if the mood is chill out and dance the Dabké to the sound of Najwa Karam.

No Lady Gaga this NYE, ok?


Many of us don’t like the stress of planning how to have fun. For some fun comes with surprises and improvisation. That’s cool. That’s fun.

In most countries in Europe the best NYE plan is no plan. It’s mostly about walking the streets in lively neighborhoods and making few stops here, grabbing a sandwich there, and a making a toast over there. The new cool is actually being really and genuinely cool. Just make sure to be A) with the right  company and B) in the right neighborhood where there are enough places to stop by without prior reservation or ridiculously expensive “formule”.

Whatever you do, just make sure to walk without having to worry about the traffic and parking.


You’ve probably heard it many times over this week. You’ve seen the awareness campaigns everywhere, but it’s really worth repeating the message: be safe.
If you’re in a group just make sure one is not drinking (hopefully the guy who doesn’t drink alcohol or the lady who’s on antibiotics). This person is your driver, and you can all offer him a drink or a meal next Saturday.

If not, the easiest and the most practical of all is to get a taxi to drive you to and from the party. You share the taxi fare, you don’t have to worry about parking your car, and you make your mama happy.


You definitely have some ideas of your own to share with the Luckies out there. Please comment and leave your DO or DON’T. The wittiest and most genuine tip will be rewarded with an awesome Apple Watch from our partner Interlink to start the New Year with a timely resolution around your wrist.


Sparkling ideas for affordable Christmas gifts

Hint: you don’t have to ruin your budget to make people happy.

It’s Christmas time and it’s that time of the year when excitement comes with some pressure: What can I get my boyfriend for Christmas? How to make my mom happy without spending all my savings? And what about my bestie’s present?

What is basically a “sharing and loving” season could quickly turn into  moments of high anxiety as we edge closer to Christmas eve.

Don’t panic! Start planning.

It all comes down to a list with three simple entries:

name – budget – gift idea.

Yes you got that right, start with a budget then you go hunting for the best idea.


Christmas season is first and foremost about family. And when it comes to family it never matters “how much” you spend, but rather ‘how thoughtful” you are.

Little sis will be very happy to get a new LOL doll even is she has already a dozen spread all over the place – watch your steps here’s one on the carpet! You can get one for 20,000 LBP or even less. Little brother will be so excited to add a dozen of Shopkins.
You can find these cool shopkins at our partners, JoueClub and WildWilly, and benefit from special discounts with your Lucky To Be Young card.

Remember to pack these present yourself and add some personal notes and drawings. Attention to small details is what makes any toy a personal gift.


You think a pair of Christmas socks, well, sucks? You couldn’t be more wrong. There are plenty of fun Christmas socks for every age and taste.
Everyone needs to keep warm in winter and it’s so cute. Just picture your dad or mum snoring in front of the TV. Now picture that with them wearing reindeer and Santa socks while dozing off and on. That’s Christmas spirit.

Another example of cheap yet awesome Christmas present is a Christmas mug. No, not just any mug. But rather a customized Christmas mug. This is something that your brother and sister could use everyday, at home or at the office. It only needs to be truly original and personal. Hint: you can get your  mug printed with original design and name at Malik’s or Doculand.

Use your Lucky To Be Young Card at Malik’s bookshop or Doculand and get a 10% discount.

Haven’t you forgotten something? Yes, that’s right. Whatever the gift is, always add a Christmas card to tell your family how much you love them. Years later you’ll find out that your parents have kept this card in a drawer for that was their real treasure for Christmas.

3. Beauty and Lifestyle treats – for him and for her

For Her.

How about a really cool Lipstick?
That new killer red everyone is talking about or the totally fancy darker shade that looks awesome?

Whether you have 20$ or 40$ to spend, you are sure to get the right tone that’s going to please her i.e. mom, bestie, sister and/or girlfriend.
That’s a smart Christmas present with a reasonable budget.

Not a big fan of Lipstick? How about this gorgeous Mascara? It doesn’t cost a fortune and it’s totally useful and beautiful.

Yes shes Splendid!

This Christmas she’s Splendid and you are Lucky. Jennyfer’s winter collection has everything you can expect from a top fashion brand. Denims, sneakers, pullovers, shirts, parka coats, you name it. You can mix-and-match all you want at Jennyfer rock-and-roll style yet chic, updated and urban-ish stores.
Use you Lucky To Be Young card for a special discount at all Jennyfer stores.

For Him.

Some call it bonnet while others call it ski cap. Whatever you call it, it should definitely be on your Christmas list. A ski cap is a terrific budget present for him i.e. bro., boyfriend, cousin.
A bonnet /ski cap is not only weather-proof, it’s a also a fashion statement. He can wear it on a snow trip or any other day in the city streets.
There is a huge choice out there. You can go for totally funky knit ski cap with a lovely pom pom sitting on top, or opt for a more urban stylish fiber one.

Also for him, a nice scarf is a must if you wish to add to his chic attitude.
Scarfs are no longer what they used to be – boring that is, in case you’re wondering.  Ask any Italian model and he’ll tell you it’s the way you put a scarf around your neck that speaks tons of who you really are.

For Him/ Her.

If you’re no longer a student and already making money you can probably afford to spend a bigger budget for people who truly matter to you.
This season fitness wear is a top choice for everyone: Leggings, tights, jumpers – with or without hoodies, should be on your list.

Check out the Christmas offers at our partners. Use your Lucky To Be Young card for special discounts at Class Sport, Sports Experts, Sportika and Daher Sport.

4. Play that song

You can’t possibly go wrong with a pair of earbuds or a set of high quality headphones. Everyone loves music and everyone has tons of songs, videos and playlists on their smartphone.

Headphones (wireless or not) are available for all budgets. They come in various designs and colors.

Benefit from a 10% discount on your favorite Apple or Canon item at Interlink by simply presenting your Lucky To Be Young card.


6 easy ways to fight stress

You have already chewed three pencils, bought two spinners and still feeling stressed out. So what are you going to do about it?

Stress is part of our human nature. It is how we manage it that makes us feel better, live happier and be more productive. Stress is not some external agent – like a virus – that is invading you. Rather, it is something that comes from within, and that is good news! If you are part of the problem, then you are definitely part of the solution


How could one sort out a problem if one doesn’t know exactly what the problem is? The first thing to do is to identify what is causing your stress. What is really making you anxious? Is it something or someone?

No, it’s not true that school is stressing you out. You have to be more specific.

The answer to this question will help you deal with the real problem, the source of your distress.


Now that you know what the problem is, you have to take a big decision: I’m going to deal with it, once and for all. Avoiding the problem is not a strategy. It will increase your stress. If the problem is with your workload then you’ll have to come up with a better workflow. If the stress is caused by someone you work with – a teacher, a classmate – then you need to find the best time to have this serious discussion you’ve been avoiding for too long.


Cool people are those who are keeping a checklist or any sort of daily and weekly planning. When you write down what you have to do, it relieves your head and frees your mind. You know exactly what you have to do and when you have to do it. You can better manage your schedule and focus more on your priorities. Your to-do list is actually your personal assistant and a wonderful anti- stress solution. 


Obviously, you can take a break ONLY AFTER you have worked hard enough. Working too hard for too long is a cause of stress. Contemplating the long list of what you have to do and doing nothing about it is a sure way to increase your stress levels. The solution is somewhere in between: work – break – work – break. The more progress you make with your to-do list, the more you deserve a break.

Spending hours watching Game of Thrones when you know you have a quiz tomorrow is not a break. That’s a total breakdown.


You don’t know it yet, but your phone is contributing to your stress. Or maybe you know it but you don’t want to admit it?

Keeping up with your various timelines, feeds, and updates is stressful.

You may have already noticed last time your battery went dead for an hour, it turned out you haven’t missed much. Right?

You’ve spent hours popping candies on your smartphone and now you want to pop some more. Does it feel better? Probably not.

How about you disconnect and keep away from your smartphone for an hour? How about you use this time to focus more on yourself?


Workout is the best stress relief. It won’t sort out the cause of the stress, but it will surely help you fight it.

Physical workout does amazing things to your brain and body. For your body has natural stimulating hormones waiting to be released. These “feel-good-substances” are triggered by physical workout. You don’t have to go to the gym if you don’t have time. Just put your earbuds on and start moving to your favorite music on Anghami, with Lucky to be Young you get 6-month unlimited access 😉 


8 lucky tips* to prepare for your finals

*add your own 2 tips to reach the top 10 list

It’s this time of the year when (again!) a little voice in your head starts buzzing “final(s) warning!” and suddenly all lights go red. Whether you’re preparing for mid-term exams, submitting a project or taking a test, your adrenaline levels are skyrocketing.

So here are few lucky tips to help you manage your work load, the best way possible.


If you’re preparing for the coming finals, this means you’ve passed previous finals! (Hurray!!)

A little stress is stimulating for your preps and learning skills.

More stress will simply reduce your memory, focus and performance.

girl between a pile of books studying with black school board behind her


The key words here are ‘yourself’ and ‘own’!

While it’s good and healthy to compare and discuss how your friends are progressing in their preps, remember that what matters most is your own progress at your own pace.

And yes, some mates will likely brag about how they’re almost done and all the piece-of-cake-stuff. You don’t want to hear this, do you?

goal checklist


Forget about your romantic, dreamy music playlist. Adele is definitely not your best choice for the preps! Time to switch to RnB playlists (Migos, Solo Lucci and Rihanna will help you push your adrenaline to high motivational levels).

And don’t listen to music WHILE you’re working.

Most studies show that music can be distracting when trying to focus on learning or solving a matter. Music will lift you up when taking short breaks.

guy listening to music outdoors


Pure science, pure pleasure: there is enough evidence supporting that physical workouts increase brain activity and stimulate your motivation and focus. You can start with a 20-minute morning run or add as many short intense exercises during the day as you wish.

Two men on an early morning run


Forget about Hollywood movies and series. They tend to portray genius at work late at night. It might look romantic, even tempting, but it’s definitely not efficient and certainly not realistic. Unless you’re a Martian, most human beings work and perform best during daytime.

A nap is great. But a nap is a nap. Sleeping 3 straight hours in the afternoon with open books on your lap is DEFINITELY NOT a nap. Wake up people!

P.S.: Try sleeping on a pillow for a change, not on your keyboard.

people, education, session, exams and school concept - tired student girl or young woman with books sleeping in library


You can join your friends at your favorite café for a group work session, only if you have worked enough on your own. Group work is efficient only if you have specific questions to ask and/or results to compare. If you haven’t made some progress on your own, then these meetings are called “socializing’ or ‘chill-out moments’.

Cropped shot a group of friends studying together at a coffee shop


The key concept here is ‘realistic’. Try to keep your checklist realistic and in any case close to your actual regular performance. Sure you can increase your output by 30% during your preps, but if you’ve never achieved 10 hours straight work on math, don’t pretend you’re going to do it this time. You’re going to be disappointed and frustrated.

Set a weekly timeline and a daily one. Even if you don’t stick to your timeline, you still have a reference to check your actual progress.

to-do list everything deadline schedule full


Preps are very intense times. You need to keep focused. This is certainly not the right time to add family drama or to fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend over New Year’s lousy party and next summer plans. Remember this one big discussion you were avoiding to have with your parents? Well, avoid it for two more weeks. Stay focused.

hit head

What are your best tips #9 and #10?

Waiting for your own tips and recommendations for healthy and efficient preps.

Comment on this post. Let us know what you think.