With the rise of social media and the dominance of influencers and bloggers, it can be a bit difficult to be a young adult. Older generations always tell us: “When we were your age, we used to play outside” and similar sentences that make social media and advanced technology look bad: but have we ever stopped and seriously thought about the possible side-effects and influence that social media might have on us?


You can now learn anything, and fast. Some accounts on social media are actually useful for traveling, cooking, DIY, make-up tutorials, etc. Also, everything is more accessible through social media: you can shop online, create a blog or begin a startup, all through the click of a button!


When it comes to bloggers, sometimes people need the influence! How many times were you lost and didn’t know what to wear, so you just checked out your favorite blogger’s profile for inspiration? But it’s not always about superficial things, in fact, some influencers use their platforms to do good by encouraging their followers to donate to certain charities, or just by raising awareness about a certain cause.

And how about you surf the social platforms with high-tech products? Get your favorite iPhone, iPad, MacBook or Apple Watch thanks to Banque Libano-Française iLoan.

However, social media has some negative effects on our lives.


Nowadays, it seems as though everyone is doing things and going places for social media. When you go out, travel or even go for dinner, you absolutely have to take pictures and videos to post them on social media. This is a habit that most of us have without even realizing it has become a serious issue, because most of us are only doing it to show instead of just enjoying the moment for our own sake.


The fact that most people post what they’re doing at all times, and everyone has access to that through social media, has led rise to one of the worst phenomena of our generation: FOMO or fear of missing out. Have you ever watched someone’s story on Instagram and thought, “Hey, I should have gone to that party!”? That’s pretty much what that is, and it might not be that important of a feeling, but over time, it might become more intense to the point where you may have constant anxiety that something is happening and you aren’t part of it.


Bloggers and influencers can also have an impact through their social media platforms. Sometimes, due to the intense observing of an influencer, we might get too immersed in who they are and how they look, that we might not be able to create our own identity or our own style, because we’ll try to be something or someone we’re not.

Basically, social media requires moderation and balance. You can always find other activities to do like exercising, reading or watching a movie. It’s true that it kind of has become a solution to our boredom, and that’s great! But, let’s not get too immersed in it and forget about the real world out there!

Now, do you agree with Sarah? Tell us what you think.

What would be, in your opinion, the biggest influence social media has on us?


You owe it to yourself to care less

Here’s why! 



When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Keeping up with your job, studies, friends, and family is no easy task. I know, it sometimes feels like there are not enough hours in the day and not enough minutes in an hour. This is a friendly reminder that it’s okay to allow yourself to step back, reboot and breathe every time you feel life is getting a bit overwhelming. Sometimes solitude is the best medicine… or a happy hour with friends, you choose.


“It wasn’t logic, it was love.”

If you are like me, you might hear this very often: “Why do you put so much time and effort into something that’s just a hobby, or something that’s not going to last nor get you money? I’ll tell you this: some people are never going to understand why we situate ourselves to nights of minimal sleep, endless headaches, and never “focusing”. The truth is that most of our efforts aren’t really logical. We do it for the thrill of it, the thrill of the journey, not the end game. Our efforts are a result of real love, in that specific moment. And that type of love, my dears, is above reason.


Behind these people with smiles, there is a vulnerable human who blushes every time someone takes a photo of her/him. The camera knows all the secrets.

Most often when you read about photographers, they all tend to say that the most important thing they have learned in their years of practicing photography was when NOT to take a photo, the moments that need to exist only in memory. But sometimes, just sometimes, you might want to get greedy and might want to engorge yourself on both memories AND photographs. We, obviously, tend to forget this with the hype of social media nowadays.

But events never occur twice, you might never look the same as that one portrait someone once took of you. But at the very least you documented it!


There is a saying by Anon: “You think you know what you’re looking for until what you’re looking for finds you”.

Everyone and their Instagram stories want you to believe that the key to a good life is attending that event on Friday night, or going to that house party you’re not invited to, or having a pretty girlfriend, or even (these days) tying the knot. The world around you is constantly telling you that the path to a better life is what everyone’s doing. You are constantly attacked with messages that everyone’s moving forward except you. So you go and you engorge yourself in self-help books, you start going to these yoga classes you’ve always wanted, and you think to yourself your life’s moving a bit slower than everyone else. But who said we’re racing?


When it comes to life and love, why is it that we always tend to believe our worst reviews?

There is a thin line between asking for advice and receiving opinions. Sometimes, you might want to listen. Other times, accept what may be constructive criticism, learn from it and move on. There is something, however, in every one of us that waits and listens for the genuine in ourselves. And that, my friends, is the only true guide we will ever have and need.

Give us another reason why YOU shouldn’t care these days. Add your comment below and make it unique and “not so cliché” 😉



With summer simmering down and September well under way, many of you may be dreading the inevitable return to school. It’s always sad to realize your days of summer craze are slowly coming to an end, and with good reason. Be it the trips, the parties, or simply the carefree laze of it, summer vacation certainly makes going back difficult. Since we’ve already posted some survival tips for all the university newcomers out there, this one’s for everyone else who may need a pick-me up. Whether you’re looking forward to returning or absolutely dreading it, here are four tips that might ease your segue back to ordinary life.


Many of my friends lose it when I mention sleeping at 10:00PM and getting a full eight (or ten) hours of sleep a night. They ask how I do it and I usually give them the same answer: sleep is a priority. It ought to be. Research suggests that quality sleep (of 6-8 hours in length) plays a role in promoting various cognitive abilities including but not limited to language, decision-making, and memory. On top of that, sleep can help you deal better with life’s stress, refrain from poor eating habits, and even gives you an energy boost in the morning!

Note: Sleeping too much and long naps throughout the day contrary to popular belief do not help. 6-8 consecutive hours of sleep, that’s the goal.


In a rush? Take something simple on the go. Having breakfast is beneficial in a number of ways. For one it boosts cognitive functions like memory and attention, making it much easier to stay focused, and not fall asleep. It can also mess with your eating habits later on in the day – skipping breakfast means you’ll be very hungry later on, and we tend to indulge ourselves when we’re excessively hungry. What makes a good breakfast, you may ask? In general, a balanced breakfast with high protein and fiber content with little carbohydrates would do the trick. Eggs, oatmeal, and cereals high in fiber and low in sugar coupled with fruit juice are ideal.

Another interesting effect of skipping breakfast has to do with our threshold for pain. Short term food deprivation may play a role in sensitizing your body to pain, so if you’ve been wondering why those morning classes seem to physically hurt

now you know.


I’m an athlete myself, and I’ll be the first to tell you, exercise is an awful lot of effort and time. As tedious as it sounds, it might be a good idea to get into the habit of regular exercise. Apart from the well known reduction in risks of cardiovascular disease later on in life, exercise boosts your immune system, brain power, and mood. It also helps improve self-confidence and body image. Importantly, exercise can reduce perceived levels of stress making quality of life significantly better.


Sure, at times you’ll need to lay low for a week and spend your time prepping for an upcoming test or project. Nonetheless, it’s important to remember to take time for yourself. Be lazy. Go out, see your friends. There are two reasons why constant, ceaseless studying is bad for you. First, it puts you in a state of chronic stress that builds up and has you feeling worse and worse. Second is the fact that constant studying doesn’t actually get you what you want. There’s a physical limit on how much information your brain can retain, so taking regular breaks while studying will actually help you learn more!

At the end of the day, it comes back to you and what you think works best for you.


Now it’s time for your advice. Comment below on what you feel makes going back easy!


How to Survive University

The season has come for all high school graduates to leave the comfort of their own schools and step into the real world. For most, if not all students, the first day of university is intimidating. It’s scary to leave behind what you’ve once known so well and take a leap into something completely foreign. However, here are 5 things to keep in mind to get you through this experience.


You have to be okay with being on your own, whether it’s a 30-minute break that you spend eating alone on a bench or a whole day, you learn a lot about yourself by taking a minute from the chaos of society to sit and think. Put on some earphones or read a book if you like. But do branch out and socialize when necessary; the friends you make in university will be an important part of your life.


In school, teachers were there to remind you of your homework, projects and all your duties. You were guided and taken care of. The whole system was working towards providing the perfect environment to study. However, university calls for independence. You are supposed to be aware of all assignments, announcements and updates on your own. You are expected to manage your time and be prepared. So, here’s my tip: buy a planner, write things down on your calendar app, or jot down notes and reminders. Organization is key.


While some peers might appear to know all about the campus, the classes and even the best food around, be certain that it took them a while. After all, your university experience relies greatly on your own efforts to make it enjoyable. Put effort into social situations just as much as you put effort into studying. This is your chance to branch out, seize the opportunity.


Study daily, don’t leave everything till the last minute. Ask questions; the professors aren’t as intimidating as you think. Ask for help from some older students. Everyone there has been in your place at some point. They’ve experienced the confusion in a tough class and they might even have tips to help you study. The more you know about anything and everything the easier it will be to deal with any obstacles you face. 


Finally, in the chaos and stress of uni life, remember to take care of yourself. Eat healthy, take long baths and focus on your mental well-being. It might be overwhelming sometimes, and it sure isn’t easy, but don’t forget to focus on you and on the goal you are working towards.

You are getting the chance to experience a whole new and different lifestyle, make the best of it. The first few days will be hard for sure, but little do you know that you are building the best years of your life day by day.

Now it’s your turn! Tell us one thing you did or would do to survive university for a chance to win a pair of headphones from Malik’s!


Why your Friday night shouldn’t ruin your weekend

The week is almost over and we know you can’t wait for that perfect weekend of yours. Party, brunches, beach, hiking… it’s all part of the plan, right?
But how much do you really do? Sometimes, you end up spending the whole weekend sitting in bed watching series instead of sticking to that awesome plan of yours. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, I mean we all could use some “I just wanna sit in my bed and do nothing” kinda days.
But let’s go back to the part where you actually want to have an eventful and busy weekend. It all starts with Friday night. Eager and excited to kick off the weekend on a crazy note, you end up by over partying on Friday and skipping all day Saturday. Maybe Sunday too.  (Let’s not hope for Monday as well).
Chilling after a long night sounds like a great idea, but do you really wanna skip your 48 hours off  for those few Friday hours that left you lazier than ever?

I don’t think so.

Here are some nice easy tips to remember the next time you wake up and decide to sleep again.

1. Don’t overdrink

A few drinks can do the job. You don’t have to overdrink when you know you actually want to enjoy the next day in full energy mode. Hangovers are the worst. Enjoy the party, dance and drink moderately.  The best of both worlds, right?

2. Make sure to set your alarm before going to the party.

And don’t hit snooze when it rings.

Really though, don’t go back to sleep, because when you go back you will never come back.

 3. Plan Your Saturday Ahead

Oh and stick to it.

Is it a brunch at the mountains? A day at the beach? A hiking journey? A job hunting day?
Having something to look forward to is always a good booster.

 4. Believe it or not, you friends will get upset when you ditch their plan

Chances are they might understand why you couldn’t make it to the plan. I mean they’ve all been there, right? But ditching their plans every time just because “Oh God you don’t believe what happened last night” is not very nice, especially when they wake up early in the morning to make sure everything is ready and set.

 5. Take a shower before you sleep

I know, what? You barely have the energy to take your clothes off and now you have to take a shower too? Well believe it or not, you will wake up the next day feeling all fresh and clean, something that will boost your mood.

6. Water, water, water

Stay hydrated. Whether it’s during the party or before you go to sleep.  You will thank me later

7. Balance is key

We are still young and full of life. We are lucky to be able to do all sorts of activities.Why sacrifice one for the other? So yes, go party at night but wake up the next day and do something interesting, something fun. Don’t let your entire day go to waste.

8. After all, what would you look back to? That Friday night or that entire awesome weekend?

We just gave you 8 reasons why to not let your Friday night party ruin your weekend. Now how about we skip Friday and party all day long on Sunday? 
In fact. it’s not just any party. It’s Agosto‘s vibe coming to Mzaar!
We’ll be giving away a VIP table for 3 to ONE lucky winner for Sunday.

All you have to do is pick one of these 8 tips, the one that you relate to the most, and mention 2 friends of yours in the comments section below, along with the hashtag #MeetMeAtTheBlog
Good Luck!

P.S.: You should be between 18 and 25.


Things I learned after turning 20

Because the minute I turned 20, a journey of a sort of transformation of awareness began. This transformation continues to accompany me today, almost two years later. A lot of truths began uncovering themselves. A lot of wake-up calls crept up on me. Awareness felt like a rollercoaster of ups and downs, and an abundance of lessons threw themselves at me and said “Here, you have some growing up to do, and the ONLY road is the tough road.”

This brings me to:

Lesson number 1:
Mistakes are essential for your growth

No matter how much someone might advise you about a certain life lesson or try to teach you about it, there is absolutely nothing quite like learning it yourself, through your own mistakes. Like not taking that jacket on a windy night when your mom specifically told you to. And this time, it’s not a jacket. It’s a lot more painful. That’s just the way it is. It is essential to make mistakes, to self-reflect, and to come to the conclusion yourself, through your own experiences.

Lesson number 2:
You cannot reach your fullest potential if your own company is never enough for you.

How do you expect to ever know yourself if you don’t make time for yourself? You need to make sure you know how to spend time alone AND how to be single. If you’re in a happy and healthy relationship, that’s great. But if it ends, do NOT try to deal with it by jumping into another relationship. The period of time after your relationship ends is GOLDEN!Discover your hidden talents, explore new activities and subjects, read, watch movies, spend a day at the beach alone, research things that interest you, make art, practice meditation.

Lesson number 3:
The art of letting go with no regrets. You don’t lose, you either win or you grow.

Being stuck in the past and regretting things you can’t control is an ILLUSION that is trying to distract you from the only thing that you can control; the present moment. Not every single person we meet is meant to stay in our lives forever. Accept when it is time to let them go. Don’t regret or feel like you should’ve never let them in in the first place. They were there for a reason, and whether you acknowledge it or not, they changed you for the better in one way or another. When it is their time to leave, gracefully let them go and make way for new people and lessons to come in.

Lesson number 4:
You and only you, are the one who is in charge of getting yourself that thing you sit around wishing and hoping for… And it won’t be easy or quick.

Many of us spend so much of our time envisioning, wishing for, and dreaming about the things that we want. The perfectly fit body, the outstanding achievements, the dream job, and so on. We spend so much of our time fantasizing that we don’t even acknowledge the fact that nobody is going to do it for us. You want to become an artist, you have to spend hours over hours over hours working alone, you have to endure many disappointments and errors, you have to doubt yourself a million times.

Lesson number 5:
Question everything and recognize that you don’t truly know anything.

Getting older means thinking for yourself, really questioning everything that you’ve ever been taught, reflecting, analyzing, learning, and coming to conclusions on your very own. Open up your mind to every possible perspective that comes your way, acknowledge that there is no one true perspective, expand your horizons. If you focus all your energy on one thing, you’ll miss out on the endless possibilities. Transcend.

Ghina could have written an entire book when it comes down to it, but for now, she will leave it at 5. How about you add one to the list? What could be the one lesson you have learned over the years, that you could probably give it as an advice to someone else?

Share with us your input in the comments section below for a chance to win 2 vouchers at Nine O’Eight for $20 each, because let’s face it, if we have learned one thing, it’s that summer is all we need.


Songs That Will Make Your Life Feel Like a Scene from a Music Video

You know you’ve had that moment where you feel like you’re in a music video as you jam to a song. Here’s a list of songs that will create different big-screen worthy moments for you.

Heartbroken – The following songs work whether you’ve had a heavy argument with your lover, whether you’re completely broken up, whether you’re trying to win them back, or you’re just accepting that things are really over.

From the music video: We Don't Talk Anymore
  • Start A Riot – Banner
  • Ocean (feat. Khalid) – Martin Garrix
  • Hard to Do – Gavin James
  • The Other – Lauv
  • Silhouette – Aquilo

Driving into The Sunset – Golden light in your face as the sun sets, you’re driving down the road on the way back from an amazing day with your friends. You’re happy. You’re blissful. Life is good.

from the movie: Before Sunset
  • Together – Marshmello
  • Winnebago (feat. Quinn XCII & Daniel Wilson) – Gryffin
  • House Party – The Knocks & Captain Cuts
  • Children of a Miracle – Don Diablo & Marnik
  • Rise (feat. Jack & Jack) – Jonas Blue

Pre-Party Vibes – Need to set the mood as you get ready to go out and have yourself an awesome night? These are the songs you need.

  • 5 in The Morning – Charli XCX
  • Activate – Cheat Codes
  • Best Friend (feat. NERVO, The Knocks & Alisa Ueno) – Sofi Tukker
  • 1 Night (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR, 21 Savage & Murda Beatz) – Stargate
  • I Like It (feat. BadBunny & JBalvin) – Cardi B

Chilling at a Bonfire – Hammocks? Check. Friends? Check. Snacks? Check. Drinks? Check.

Captured by @Charbel_abiad
  • Heaven – The Blaze
  • Above The Clouds – Robin Schulz
  • Bloom (Mix Cut) – Sultan + Shepard
  • Terrapin – Bonobo
  • 17 (6am Remix) – MK

Wondering where to get these songs from? Say no more! Our awesome partner @Anghami got you covered. Download their app and get your own playlist. Also, don’t forget to check out the Lucky to be Young playlists on Anghami, customized for your all kinds of moods!

Your Turn!

We just gave you four different lists of songs. But what about you? If you could add one song to each list, what would it be?
Share with us 4 different songs that you would like to fit in the 4 different moods mentioned above for a chance to win an Anghami + Voucher for 6 months along with a Lucky to be Young package worth $25! All thanks to our amazing partner Anghami.
Oh and extra points if the songs are not too mainstream 🙂


7 Things You Didn’t Know about the World Cup


The World Cup trophy weighs 6.1 kilograms, is worth approximately ten million US dollars and the winning team only gets to take home a replica of it.


Austria defeated Switzerland 7-5 in 1954, marking the highest scoring game in World Cup history.


In the 2014 World Cup, almost half of the world’s population (3.2 billion people) tuned in to watch the games.


Only European (11) and South American (9) countries have won the World Cup.


The most expensive finals in the history of the World Cup are the 2018 finals in Russia with a designated $11.8 billion for spending, around double the amount spent by Brazil in the 2014 Cup.


Mexico has qualified for the trophy 16 times, more than any other country.


The largest victory in an international football game was Austalia defeating the American Samoa 31-0 during a qualifying match for the 2002 World Cup.

Now back to this year’s world cup…

Have you heard the good news?

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What to expect for this football season? You can never be a %100 sure but you can always have a guess, right?
Let’s start with this one: Which 8 teams are most likely to be qualified for the quarter finals?
Share with us your answers in the comments section below for a chance to win 2 vouchers at @Crepaway and watch the game at  the Lucky to be Young lounge over there. (You have until Friday the 29th of June)
Good luck!


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10 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Footprint on this Earth

As we continue to grow and develop in this ever changing society, our attention is being turned more and more towards living a sustainable life. Actions are being taken across the world to conserve our beautiful ecosystem. Each and every action can help in reducing our mark on this earth!

10 ways to reduce your footprint on this earth:

1.Take your drink without a straw

This may sound new if you’re used to always drinking with a straw, but really it’s worth it! The amount of straws being thrown every day is absurd, not to forget that plastic straws are not recyclable, which means they will not go away! Crazy, right?
Many restaurants and clubs, such as The Grand Factory have recently joined the movement of cutting out the straw from their branches around Lebanon.
All it takes is a simple no. #DropTheStraw

2. Carpool

It’s always more fun being in the car with your friends. Develop a system where you pick each other up rather than each taking a car.

3. Switch from plastic to paper

Millions of plastic bags are used every year in Lebanon alone. It takes centuries for a plastic bag to dissolve. By switching to paper products, our footprint can be significantly reduced.
Banque Libano-Française has eliminated in 2015 all plastic cutlery and plastic dishes in all its 3 cafeterias where for example the Bank shifted its usage of plastic cups into paper cups.

4. Take your own bags to stores/supermarkets

Each and every bag you take adds up. Refuse the plastic bag! It will be less hectic for you to dispose of.

 5. Participate in clean-up events around your country!

There are many organizations, such as Recycle Lebanon, Recycle Beirut,… that are always initiating environmentally friendly treks. Participate in one, and the feeling will push you to continue your effort!
BLF has been reusing and recycling paper and electronic waste since 2011 and has recently started recycling metals cans and donating them to L’Ecoute association.

6. Recycle, recycle, recycle!

It doesn’t take much to set aside plastic, metals and paper. You will feel good about it! Some recycling centers you can turn to are L’ecoute, Ganatch, Recycle Beirut, Costa Brava Recycling Center, Sicomo, and more! You can now download the app for “Liveloverecycle” on Android and iPhone, and send your items at the click of a button. And it’s free!

7. Buy reusable products

Tupperwares, mugs, plates, cutlery. Reduce on anything you cannot reuse.
The Bank shifted to reusable cutleries, trays and plates since 2015 in all its 3 cafeterias and internal campaigns were done for employees to opt for reusable items.

8. Buy products in bulk

This way, you can reduce on packaging. It’s a win-win, because you end up with more products for less cost! Try not to impulse buying items. They will be thrown away sooner or later! Try and keep your spending at a minimum: you will benefit!

9. Sort through your clothes on a regular basis 

There is always a person in need of a piece of clothing you’re ready to throw away. Do good and give your old clothes away! Doing good feels good, always.

10. Electronize as much as possible

Go for digital receipts, type notes rather than write them, email documents rather than printing. Each piece of paper counts, try and reduce the amount you dispose of!
BLF added to its ATMs the following statement “Consider the environment before printing” giving its users the option to lose the printed receipt for some transactions in a step to reduce paper use.. Internally, many measures such as the E-banking system and self-service system have enabled employees to cut down on paper usage.

We have thought of 10 ways for a better sustainable life. But what about you? How are you contributing to the environment?

Out of these 10 easy steps above, which one/ones do you practice/or are you willing to follow? And why?

Share with us your input (in the comments section belong), along with the Hashtag #MeetMeAtTheBlog for a chance to win a pass for 2 at one of our partners, IRIS Beach and enjoy nature’s most beautiful summer elements.

The winner will be announced on Monday the 9th of July. Good luck!
P.S. You have to be between 21 and 25 to take part in the competition.


Won’t You Come Adventure With Me?

Nature is calling you, but are you picking up?

Well, some people have. And they loved the conversation. In fact, the will be sharing their best experiences with us here.

So how about we go on a nice adventure with them?

Charbel, Christelle, Lucia, Joe and Ranine…Take us with you!

1.Hills and Valleys, Valleys and Hills

Camping in Baskinta

Captured by @Charbel_abiad

Baskinta is one of the highest villages of Lebanon. Located in the Metn district, at the bottom of Mount Sannnine, it is very well known for being one of Lebanon’s finest camping spots. Baskinta offers gorgeous views of the hills, the valleys and the Mediterranean sea. Pine trees and camping spots are spread almost everywhere there.

All you need is some 5 star tents, hammocks, inflatable mattresses and a bonfire in the middle to go with the beautiful shining skies.

It’s actually very easy to get there as it takes 10 minutes of hiking to get to the perfect camping spots, but make sure you arrive there early.

2.Flat Earth Society Anyone?

Camp in Bchaaleh

Located in Batroun, Bchaaleh is home to the olive trees of Noah (among the oldest trees in the world). It was mid summer when Charbel went there for the first time, along with a small group of friends to camp and barbecue their way through the night. This awesome spot is disconnected from everything.  If you’re not a hiking fan, don’t worry because you don’t really need to hike as it is easily accessible by car. In this huge flat area, Charbel found a flawless view: a sunset and a sea of clouds just beneath him only letting few rays through with an orange line extending on the horizon.

Amazed by this beauty, Charbel and his friends decided to share it with all the nature freaks out there and organized a camping event.
We’re talking music, drinks and burgers. Need I say more?

3.El Quamouaa and chill


Joe has found the perfect spot to be at in Qammouaa/Akkar. It’s an oak forest, a magical place where you can hike and camp as well. Acoording to him, there are too many trails and one can find a lot of wild animals like rabbits and squirrels.
Wait, did you say rabbits?

4. Let’s Ride All the Way to Laqlouq

Laqlouq Village

This view is beautiful on so many levels, especially in fall. But it’s not just about the view. This is a place where you can enjoy a lot of activities such as biking, horse riding and rappel to name a few.

How about we spend the night there just like Ranine has? Just get your lovely pals, throw a bonfire and enjoy a beautiful and serene camping experience with a view that overlooks the village.

5. Beach who?

The Waterfall of Afqa (mountains of Byblos)

3 words to sum it up: Waterfall. Freezing water and Picnic.
But there’s also a story behind this beautiful scenery. According to Joe, it is the place where Adonis, a Greek god was dead.

6. Kfarhedla is the new Coachella

The Waterfalls of Kfarhedla

Well, almost…
Located above Batroun, this beauty consists of 3 waterfalls on top of each other. It’s a beautiful place in the middle of nature to just relax and be at peace. According to Ranine, the best time to visit this place is during summer. She also recommends you run and jump in the waterfall to feel the freezing water hit against you. The hike is a bit difficult, she says, as it has lots of climbing, but the amazing view is definitely worth the struggle).

Oh and here is Ranine’s beautiful Labrador, Kira.

7. Somewhere between Laqlouq and Tannourine

This cute river in an area located between Laklouk and Tannourine, a huge green space where you can picnic or even camp, not far nor isolated, but its amazing greenery is definitely a place to run in and set your hammock to chill.

8.On Top of it All

Black peak is the highest peak in Lebanon

According to Ranine, this 3-to-4 hour hike is challenging and exhausting but definitely recommended as the end result is entirely worth it. Reaching the top and being able to watch the sunset over the horizon is one of the most beautiful sights she’s seen. After the hike, she and her friends camped at the base of the peak. The night has extreme cold conditions but it’s something everyone should experience. On another note, hiking up at 5 am to watch the magical sunrise is another wonder in itself.

9.It’s all Green everything

Mekhtaret El Chouf

Wanna go picnic and enjoy the sound of waterfalls splashing without having to hike a lot? Well, let Christelle take you there. Located in Chouf, El Mekhtara is a beautiful greenery with a lot of old bridges and a small lake (“Berket El Aarous”). It is quite the chill life as the hike is easy and very accessible.

10.In the land of Tarzan

Wadi Quannoubine- Becharre

Serenity and  peace, green and clean… sounds like the perfect getaway. A simple easy walk of 40 minutes would take you to Tarzan’s forest. Surrounded by caves, old monasteries and flowing rivers, one could easily throw the perfect camping experience up there!

11. Give Me Serenity and Calm

 Wadi Qannoubine

If you’re looking for somewhere small and calm, this place is the perfect spot for you. Due to its small size and coziness, this place is not suitable for big groups as you can only throw a few tents there.
According to Lucia, waking up early in the morning to the serene cascade of the river is everything.
P.S. There are some hiking  trails that you need to overcome to get there as cars can’t easily access this secret spot.

12.Finally, to jump or not to jump?



That was Christelle’s main dilemma when in Baskinta. Despite the previous easy hikes that she has experienced before, this one was very challenging. A dangerous hike indeed but a diverse one as well. In fact, it was the most beautiful hike she has done so far. One of the main challenges she had to overcome was climbing the mountain on a very old ladder to get to the top. But one of the beautiful things she got to experience was following the splashing sound of the water to eventually find the hidden gorgeous waterfall.

Did she eventually jump though?

13. Did you really think we forgot about Chouwen?


Of course we haven’t!

This piece of painting has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. The view of the lake separating the giant mountains is not to be missed. As for the lake itself, it is quite big and very enjoyable (despite the water being as cold as your ex’s heart). Not to mention how easily accessible it is.
P.S. Inflatables are not allowed in Chouwen to preserve the cleanliness of the place.

Those beautiful adventures did sure give their masters a beautiful adrenaline rush.
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