Month: December 2017

The dos and don’ts of a really special New Year’s Eve

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Yes, it’s a special night and no, you definitely don’t want to ruin it.

New Year’s Eve (NYE) comes with a mix of anticipation and apprehension. Everyone around is exhibiting signs of the NYE syndrome: Where’s the party? Who’s coming? What to wear? How to make the “best party ever”? And for those of you who work to earn their living, there’s an additional question: how much is it going to cost?

These syndromes, however, can get out of control if not “treated” early enough with some sensible decisions. Here’s our short list of the do’s and don’ts of a cool, fun, and special NYE.

You definitely have some ideas of your own to share with the Luckies out there. Please comment and leave your DO or DON’T. The wittiest and most genuine tip will be rewarded with an awesome Apple Watch from our partner Interlink to start the New Year with a timely resolution around your wrist.


One sure way of ruining your NYE is planning the night according to what others (friends? followers? people? your Ex?) do. More than anywhere else, Lebanon has become so formatted that many seem to be living/eating/wearing/dating according to what “others” do or want us to believe they’re doing. It is hard to resist “ others’ ” influence. But listen to your heart, and you will know what really makes you happy on NYE, even if this means staying home with your family or sharing a great laugh with your cousins.


Yes it’s time you check what your besties are doing on NYE. There are probably several groups and as many options in the making. You can consider those options and decide according to things that matter to you:

who’s going to be there? Where is it happening? What do i need to get? etc.

Things get sour when we start over planning and wasting time and energy on irrelevant details (no, arguing over whether to go salmon canapés or zaatar minis is not going to make it or break it). Focus on the essentials.


There’s enough scientific evidence supporting that the end of the world is not on January 1st 2018. If you decide to throw all of your money on this one night and spend the rest of the month penniless and depressed, that’s your choice. But it’s a bad choice. Your bills are coming no matter how fun NYE was and no matter how many likes you get on your NYE selfies. Be prepared. Spend wisely.


The highlight of NYE is understandably at midnight, right? So what happens if you start off heavy on the booze and end up crawling on the floor – or even worse – by 10:30 pm? You’re definitely going to be the “star” of the evening, but not for the good reasons. Just don’t be ridiculous.


On NYE we’re supposed to be stylish. The problem starts when you get the right style for the wrong party. See what we’re talking about? Just make sure you know where you’re going and what kind of party this is. Wearing a tiny evening dress with beautiful shiny stilettos won’t do good if the party is at Fadi’s mountain house and all the guests are wearing jeans and boots and sitting on the carpet. You may have spent a fortune on your tuxedo but you will definitely look like a “special case” if the mood is chill out and dance the Dabké to the sound of Najwa Karam.

No Lady Gaga this NYE, ok?


Many of us don’t like the stress of planning how to have fun. For some fun comes with surprises and improvisation. That’s cool. That’s fun.

In most countries in Europe the best NYE plan is no plan. It’s mostly about walking the streets in lively neighborhoods and making few stops here, grabbing a sandwich there, and a making a toast over there. The new cool is actually being really and genuinely cool. Just make sure to be A) with the right  company and B) in the right neighborhood where there are enough places to stop by without prior reservation or ridiculously expensive “formule”.

Whatever you do, just make sure to walk without having to worry about the traffic and parking.


You’ve probably heard it many times over this week. You’ve seen the awareness campaigns everywhere, but it’s really worth repeating the message: be safe.
If you’re in a group just make sure one is not drinking (hopefully the guy who doesn’t drink alcohol or the lady who’s on antibiotics). This person is your driver, and you can all offer him a drink or a meal next Saturday.

If not, the easiest and the most practical of all is to get a taxi to drive you to and from the party. You share the taxi fare, you don’t have to worry about parking your car, and you make your mama happy.


You definitely have some ideas of your own to share with the Luckies out there. Please comment and leave your DO or DON’T. The wittiest and most genuine tip will be rewarded with an awesome Apple Watch from our partner Interlink to start the New Year with a timely resolution around your wrist.


Sparkling ideas for affordable Christmas gifts

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Hint: you don’t have to ruin your budget to make people happy.

It’s Christmas time and it’s that time of the year when excitement comes with some pressure: What can I get my boyfriend for Christmas? How to make my mom happy without spending all my savings? And what about my bestie’s present?

What is basically a “sharing and loving” season could quickly turn into  moments of high anxiety as we edge closer to Christmas eve.

Don’t panic! Start planning.

It all comes down to a list with three simple entries:

name – budget – gift idea.

Yes you got that right, start with a budget then you go hunting for the best idea.


Christmas season is first and foremost about family. And when it comes to family it never matters “how much” you spend, but rather ‘how thoughtful” you are.

Little sis will be very happy to get a new LOL doll even is she has already a dozen spread all over the place – watch your steps here’s one on the carpet! You can get one for 20,000 LBP or even less. Little brother will be so excited to add a dozen of Shopkins.
You can find these cool shopkins at our partners, JoueClub and WildWilly, and benefit from special discounts with your Lucky To Be Young card.

Remember to pack these present yourself and add some personal notes and drawings. Attention to small details is what makes any toy a personal gift.


You think a pair of Christmas socks, well, sucks? You couldn’t be more wrong. There are plenty of fun Christmas socks for every age and taste.
Everyone needs to keep warm in winter and it’s so cute. Just picture your dad or mum snoring in front of the TV. Now picture that with them wearing reindeer and Santa socks while dozing off and on. That’s Christmas spirit.

Another example of cheap yet awesome Christmas present is a Christmas mug. No, not just any mug. But rather a customized Christmas mug. This is something that your brother and sister could use everyday, at home or at the office. It only needs to be truly original and personal. Hint: you can get your  mug printed with original design and name at Malik’s or Doculand.

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Haven’t you forgotten something? Yes, that’s right. Whatever the gift is, always add a Christmas card to tell your family how much you love them. Years later you’ll find out that your parents have kept this card in a drawer for that was their real treasure for Christmas.

3. Beauty and Lifestyle treats – for him and for her

For Her.

How about a really cool Lipstick?
That new killer red everyone is talking about or the totally fancy darker shade that looks awesome?

Whether you have 20$ or 40$ to spend, you are sure to get the right tone that’s going to please her i.e. mom, bestie, sister and/or girlfriend.
That’s a smart Christmas present with a reasonable budget.

Not a big fan of Lipstick? How about this gorgeous Mascara? It doesn’t cost a fortune and it’s totally useful and beautiful.

Yes shes Splendid!

This Christmas she’s Splendid and you are Lucky. Jennyfer’s winter collection has everything you can expect from a top fashion brand. Denims, sneakers, pullovers, shirts, parka coats, you name it. You can mix-and-match all you want at Jennyfer rock-and-roll style yet chic, updated and urban-ish stores.
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For Him.

Some call it bonnet while others call it ski cap. Whatever you call it, it should definitely be on your Christmas list. A ski cap is a terrific budget present for him i.e. bro., boyfriend, cousin.
A bonnet /ski cap is not only weather-proof, it’s a also a fashion statement. He can wear it on a snow trip or any other day in the city streets.
There is a huge choice out there. You can go for totally funky knit ski cap with a lovely pom pom sitting on top, or opt for a more urban stylish fiber one.

Also for him, a nice scarf is a must if you wish to add to his chic attitude.
Scarfs are no longer what they used to be – boring that is, in case you’re wondering.  Ask any Italian model and he’ll tell you it’s the way you put a scarf around your neck that speaks tons of who you really are.

For Him/ Her.

If you’re no longer a student and already making money you can probably afford to spend a bigger budget for people who truly matter to you.
This season fitness wear is a top choice for everyone: Leggings, tights, jumpers – with or without hoodies, should be on your list.

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4. Play that song

You can’t possibly go wrong with a pair of earbuds or a set of high quality headphones. Everyone loves music and everyone has tons of songs, videos and playlists on their smartphone.

Headphones (wireless or not) are available for all budgets. They come in various designs and colors.

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