Month: February 2018

Let’s Overcome That Major FOMO Of Ours

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In a world where social media is taking over our lives, where we are constantly glued to our screens and where everyone tries to show their best/coolest/most epic life moments to their friends and followers, everyone wants to get a taste of everything that’s happening around. But when the eager You has not much time, has other duties or  is maybe tight on budget, you will not be able to join the hype (that everyone’s part of), and thus you will experience a major FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Whether the word sounds too blondish for you or not, you know it’s true. It is serious. Everyone has experienced this feeling at least once!

Source: ANNA AKANA -FOMO (SHort Movie)

1.Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand …fictions

So it’s Saturday night and you can’t go out because it’s finals period. Here you are, glued to your books and papers. Then you decide to open your phone and take a small break from your studying. You open your Instagram stories and here you go: your bestfriend is at this awesome house party, your classmates are having the perfect night at your favorite club and your other friends are trying that brand new restaurant. Here it comes: FOMO. But you should also know that these moments of major fun that you just saw are just a capture of the best moment of the night. The party might not be that awesome or the restaurant might not be that special. (Unless it’s Couqley, then you should totally take one for the team and grace your friends with a %10 discount with your Lucky to be Young card!) All I’m trying to say is that you never know what is really going on behind the scenes. That picture perfect moment you’re watching may not reflect the true atmosphere of the scene. But think about it, who would want to post a boring story after all?

Source: FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out (very short film)
Source: FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out (very short film)

2.Tsokay to say “NO”

So your outdoorsy friends have decided to plan a day out to this beautiful destination that everyone’s posting about, but you have other duties on this very same day: your family is in town and there is this big annual family event that you had totally forgotten about (#ButThatsNoExcuseToFamily). Saying no to this awesome plan might be hard to deal with, but you should learn to be able to say “no” with full determination and conviction and to manage your plans according to priority. Sometimes, less is more. Aiming to make it to every plan so you wouldn’t miss a thing is actually bad for you as you won’t be able to enjoy them all to the fullest. And remember, saying no with conviction means that you shouldn’t sit on your phone all day and watch all the fun that you’re not being part of. On the contrary, you should avoid these “evil” stories  and make use of what you have right now.

3.all we have is now

Enjoy the moment that you are having right now. Enjoy the plan you have and the people you’re with. Don’t keep thinking about that “awesome” moment that you will be carefully capturing and posting in a bit, don’t think about that Snapchat story that will showcase the best version of your outing. Don’t have this constant urge to show everyone how much fun you’re having. Remember, no one is waiting for your story and no one’s going to think that you’re actually bored if you don’t post a story or a picture. Now if you’re naturally an online person who just likes to share a lot, that’s totally OK as long as you don’t forget about the real moment and as long as you remember that you’re online feed is a reflection of your real moments and not the other way around.

Source: Are You Living an insta lie? social media vs. reality (short movie)
Source: Are You Living an insta lie? social media vs. reality (short movie)

4.Don’t compare your life/happiness to others’ 

Theodore Roosevelt once said “comparison is the thief of joy”, and we couldn’t agree more! One of FOMO’s symptoms is comparing your life to someone else’s. Remember, gratitude is key. Learn to appreciate and to love what you have instead of adjusting it to someone else’s. Besides, you never know the story behind every person’s life. Appreciate your “right now”. It’s one thing to scroll down your feed and liking people’s posts and another to scroll down while comparing your life to theirs. Inspiration is always great as long as you don’t lose yourself in someone else’s.

Source: "A Social Life"- Award Winning Short Film- Social Media Depression
Source: "A Social Life"- Award Winning Short Film- Social Media Depression

After all, what’s more important? Missing out on someone’s life or missing out on your own life?

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Not 1 But 25 Things To Love On Valentine’s

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It’s that time of the year again. V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E!

And there are two scenarios that describe how you feel about this day. You either love it or hate it. There is no in between, right? If you love it, then you’re totally stressed over what to do, where to go, what to get your gf/bf or how to not look as cheesy as last time. But don’t worry; the internet got a lot of solutions for that.

And if you hate it, then you’re totally stress free since you have nothing to worry about. You’ll be chilling killing as long as you don’t see a lovy dovvy couple reminding you of those romantic moments you did have with your other half(or maybe didn’t). But don’t worry, the internet has also a lot of cool ideas for all the single people on how to enjoy a single Valentine’s day.

So basically, there is not perfect scenario. They all come with a package. I mean life ain’t perfect after all, right?

But let’s spice things up!

Valentine’s is actually related to the romantic love but that doesn’t mean we can’t have other things to love on this day.

25 sounds good! Yes, we are lucky enough to have 25 things to love!

1.To Start with, Love Your Person

Because, well let’s be honest, that’s what Valentine is originally all about, your romantic love.

2.Love Your Family

Your mom, dad, sister, brother, grandparents, auntie, uncle, cousin, cousin’s husband, cousin’s cousin, your grandma’s neighbor’s sister, literally all of them.
Whether you never knew some of them existed or not, you know they would kill for you!

3. Love Your Bestfriend

Because bestfriends are for life!

4.Love The Single You

Being single doesn’t mean you’re lonely. In fact, you will never know how to love someone else if you don’t love yourself enough. So invest in this time to get to know yourself better, to grow, and most importantly to learn on enjoying your own company!

5.Your Job/Internship/School

If you haven’t found what you like to do just yet, don’t worry because you will. But remember that happiness is a road and not an end. So love what you have for now and do it with passion. You never know where it will take you!

6.Love Your Talent

Because it will love you back even more! If you let It grow, it will grow; and most importantly, it will never break up with you!

7.Love That Book That Changed Your Life

We all have this one book that changed something in us, gave us another perspective or just affected us in a way.

8.Love That Unhealthy Relationship You Had

It might have broken you heart but it also made you the stronger person that you are today: A person with higher standards and different expectations.


Without them, you wouldn’t have discovered your true friends

10.Love these random nice people who would just smile at you for no reason!

And trust me, a simple smile can always change someone’s mood!

11. Love Your Favorite song

That song that is like therapy to you, that helps you escape or maybe makes you feel better!

12.Love that moment when your favorite meal comes out after a long time of starvation!

13.Love The weekend

It’s the weekend; no caption needed.

14.Love dem sales

When your favorite item is f-i-n-a-l-l-y on sale, this is a proof that you guys are just meant to be.

15.Love that awesome post workout feeling

We’re talking about mood boost, positive energy and stress reduction!

16.Love those deep late night conversations

Because the wolf in you believes that the best conversations are those that happen late at night

17.Love that The next season of your favorite series is about to come out reaaal soon!

18. Love that moment when you’re checking things off your bucket list

Or maybe your death list?

19.Love your PayDay

Because who doesn’t love the sound of a bling bling!

20.Love the second chances you get!

Because they don’t come very often…

21.Love The interesting and amazing people that add a sparkle to your life

Because they are rare to find.

22.Love The fights you avoided

“I swear I don’t love the drama it loves me…”- Are you sure though?

23.Love those awesome journeys you’ve had

And don’t forget to remember them when you’re having a bad day!

24.Love The good health you have

Because health is everything

25.Love your young self

Remember, you are still Lucky To Be Young!

Hey, We Want Your Input Too!

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