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7 Reasons why I love my dog more than I love humans

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I love my dog more than I love most humans. I suppose most dog owners feel the same, but I’m not sure about this. Her name is Arya. I adopted her around a year ago (I believe we should adopt pets, not buy them). Oh and I found her on Instagram!

1. She doesn’t talk back (she does give me attitude sometimes though, especially when she wants to eat)

2. I’ve watched her grow (from tiny to mighty)



3. She has the cutest mustache (I’ve been told I’m being subjective about the mustache though, so I guess #3 is open for debate)

4. She taught me who to trust and who not to trust (friendly tip: never trust someone your dog doesn’t like)

5. She protects me (and I her!)

6. She’s my workout buddy (otherwise, let’s be honest, I don’t ever workout)

7. She always wants to cuddle


6 Things You Love/Hate about Easter

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1. Eggs as decorations, egg designs on napkins, boiled eggs for breakfast, lunch AND dinner because your mom went ahead and boiled way too many eggs…
Eggs. Eggs everywhere. Literally, everywhere.

2. That one annoying cousin who wins the egg-breaking challenge and goes into the physics of the “tap” on the surface and how he/she “had a feeling” that this egg was going to be a winner.
Yeah, okay dude.

jennifer laurence

3. The egg-breaking challenge itself. Like, if you truly think about it: we’re making such a huge deal about smashing one egg… against another egg… And then the winner brags about it until next Easter.

4. Getting super-dressed up in a cute summery outfit for the Palm Sunday lunch ‘gram but it’s literally early April so you end up freezing throughout the entire thing.

 5. Pure hate: the concept of colored chicks sold on the side of the road. The fact that it’s blatant animal abuse aside – assuming we truly believe they’re not going to die within 2-3 days, what do we expect is going to happen – we’re going to end up raising full on purple poultry in our apartments?

6. Pure love: picking out the chocolate eggs to buy from specialty chocolate boutiques and tasting literally every flavor. “Ma ba3rif eza 7abbet el Mars egg aw el Snickers egg aktar… lezim erja3 dou2on ta arrir.”


7 Possible Endings for Game of Thrones

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We’re all waiting for April to arrive, and no, not because the weather will be nicer and it will mean that summer is around the corner. In fact, winter will be here. You understood correctly: GAME OF THRONES’ last season will air starting April and we cannot wait to see what happens. Which is why we’ve come up with 7 possible endings for GOT.

  1. Everyone dies. The Night King wins in the ultimate GOT battle and ends up killing the Starks, the Lannisters, and even the Khaleesi.

  1. Everyone dies again, but this time they become night-walkers. Instead of killing the living, the Night King decides to recruit them for his undefeated army.

  1. Khaleesi, Jon Snow, Arya and Sansa win the battle. The Night King dies and consequently, so does Bran.


  1. Only Khaleesi and her right-hand Tyrion survive in the end. Khaleesi turns out to be pregnant with Jon’s baby who grows up to become the rightful heir to the throne.

  1. The one with exceptional surviving skills is the last man standing: Arya Stark. Arya completes her list while everyone else is in battle and eventually rises to power and inherits the throne.


  1. Tyrion Lannister escapes once again from death’s clutches in one of his always inexplicable ways, returns to King’s Landing, kills Cersei and takes the throne from her.


  1. Bran controls the Night King, wiping away all adversaries and becomes the least expected heir to the throne.

Now comment your prediction for an ending, for a chance to win 2 vouchers at dipndip.
Submit your answer before April 14.
The winners will be announced once the season ends.

P.S.: You should be below 25 years old


Fake ou pas Fake ?

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Les Fake News ont toujours existé, mais en cette ère des nouvelles technologies, l’information circule à une vitesse impressionnante et il est de plus en plus difficile de s’assurer de sa  véracité.

Les Fake News peuvent se manifester sous plusieurs formes. On distingue le trouble de l’information (incomplète, approximative), la mal-information (non-vérifiée, déformée), la désinformation (acte volontaire de transmission d’une fausse nouvelle) et la fausse information (construite par une personne qui tente de la faire passer pour vraie).

Mais alors, comment savoir si une information est Fake ou pas ?

1- Distinguer information et point de vue

Qu’on ait affaire à une notice technique ou à un texte littéraire, il est important de distinguer l’information du point de vue que l’auteur a sur l’information. Une information est relativement objective. Un point de vue est personnel.

2- Repérer si l’information est de première main ou pas

Une information est dite de première main lorsque celui qui en fait le récit est celui qui était sur le fait. Plus le support de l’information est éloigné du fait qu’il relate, plus il est susceptible de subir des transformations.

3- Identifier l’auteur et ses intérêts par rapport à l’information

Il est indispensable de faire une recherche sur l’auteur d’une information car parfois ce dernier peut avoir intérêt à la modifier pour qu’elle soit en accord avec ses idées. C’est souvent le cas dans le domaine commercial lorsque l’informateur est rémunéré pour diffuser une certaine information.

4- Chercher d’autres points de vue sur le contenu de l’information et comparer

Souvent, des informations contradictoires sont diffusées à propos de faits identiques, notamment dans les journaux internationaux. Il est donc important de faire des analyses comparatives afin de distinguer les points de vue exprimés, développer un sens de la critique et arriver aux bonnes conclusions.

5- Analyser les éléments de surface de l’information (références, sources, dates etc.)

Toute information diffusée comporte des éléments de surface qui permettent d’en mesurer la véracité. Il est important de prendre ces attributs en compte lors de l’analyse d’une information afin de pouvoir l’évaluer correctement.

Au final, il est crucial d’aborder toute information par le doute et la mise en question. Mais le doute doit laisser la place à une vérité temporairement acceptable afin d’éviter de tomber dans le piège du complot permanent. Alors soyez vigilants quant aux Fake News, mais pas trop quand même !


7 lessons I learned from Phoebe Buffay

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So, here I am binge-watching Friends for the umpteenth time.

While Rachel Green was always my ‘Go To’ character, I couldn’t help but realize that Phoebe would definitely make a better role model.

Yes, Rachel is someone every girl identifies with. Whether it’s the drama in her love stories, her impatience, her love for fashion, her easy going lifestyle or her career ambitions, we can all find a part of us in her.

However, and through my never ending binging of the series, I realized that Phoebe should be the one to learn from, and here’s why:

1. She’s honest

We all know honesty is the best policy. . However, when it comes to saying “no” to a plan we don’t want to be a part of, we always tend to make-up elaborated excuses just to avoid saying “no”. Well, Phoebe just taught us that saying “no” is not so bad after all. It’s definitely better than overthinking and lying.

2. She invests in her hobbies

She loves to sing and she writes her own songs. Whether it’s at a small café – central perk – or on the streets, she doesn’t let anyone come between her and her music.
Smelly cat, S M E L L Y cat, it’s not your fault…

3. She’s confident

In a world where social media has increased our insecurities, it’s great to see someone as unique and special as Phoebe. She’s always so confident. She always agrees when someone compliments her by saying “I know” and always embraces her differences. She stares at the mirror very positively as she knows she is great.

4. Zen & positive all the way

She enjoys the moment, the present. Her happiness is an attitude, and she is not on the lookout for the thing that will make her happy. Instead, she always turns every situation into a fun one. Positive vibes all the way!

5. She does not care about what others think of her

No need to explain this one. But wouldn’t the world be prettier with more Phoebes?


6. She is a real friend to everyone

She always stands by her friends and family. I mean, yeah, they all do, but Phoebe’s care and kindness are like no other!

7. She doesn’t let her past define her

Yes, she had a rough childhood. However, she doesn’t let that stand in the way of her learning new stuff or catching up on what she has missed out on. She makes the most out of every opportunity.

For all the laughing and crying, thank you Phoebe. We love our Regina Phalange

Check out 16 Things I learned from F.R.I.E.N.D.S for a few more laughs!


كم حالة بتقول إني بحبّك

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رح خبّر عن حالي بكم حالة يمكن تشوف حالك فيا.
مش ضروري نكون بعيد الحبّ، ومش ضروري نكون عايشين قصّة حبّ. يمكن نكون افترقنا أو يمكن ما بعمرنا كنّا سوا… الأكيد إنّك رح تلاقي ع القليلة حالة وحدة بتشبهك.

بدّي قلّك إنّي بحبّك…

Photographer: Lara Wehbe (@larawehbe)

وإنّو فكرة وجودك بتلوّنلي حياتي


Photographer: Lara Wehbe (@larawehbe)

لأنّو الصورة ما بتكمل إلا معك


Photographer: Ramona El Khoury (@ramonakphotography)

ضحكتك يلّي بتنسّيني الدني


Photographer: Lara Wehbe (@larawehbe)

بكلّ علّاتك (حتى لو كانوا 99)

شو بحبّ…

Photographer: Tamara Lteif (@tamaralteif)

قلبي يلّي بيدقّ جنون لما بلمحك

وحياتك رح نكذّب المتل…

Photographer: Lara Wehbe (@larawehbe)

لأنو البُعد ما بعمرو رح يكون جفا

وشو بحبّ…

Photographer: Carine Khoury (@carinekhouri)

لمّا ما بشوف حالي إلّا عم بكبر معك…

ليخلص المشوار…

Photographer: Carine Khoury (@carinekhouri)

Things I wish I knew as a fresh graduate

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1. It’s okay to still be lost

You already graduated and you still don’t know what you want to do with your life? Apply for a Master’s degree right away? Work for a year (or more?), and then apply? No clue whatsoever? Yeah we’ve all been there, and you know what? It’s Okaaaay! This will go on for a while. Actually most people ramble through life not knowing what they’re doing at all ages, so don’t think you need to have everything figured out to get going. Just go with the flow. Start somewhere (anywhere is fine!) and take it from there.

2. You won’t find your dream job right away

It’s not just that you won’t find your dream job as soon as you graduate, you might not find *any* job for a few months, and that’s okay too. It happens to the best of us. Make sure you don’t start comparing yourself to others. Sometimes it seems like people have it all together. Sometimes they’re faking it, and sometimes they really do have it together (good for them!). Regardless, don’t let it get to you. We each grow at our own pace, and everything will be okay eventually.

3. People will pressure you

This one’s the absolute worst. Whether it’s your parents, your family, your extended family, your neighbors, their dog, your parents’ friends, their neighbors, their dog, your own friends or even their parents, everyone will ask you whether you’re working yet or not on every occasion they get. They will worry about how you spend your time “doing nothing”. They will offer you their uncalled for advice because they think they know better. Some will even offer their prayers (your grandparents for instance). They will all contribute to making your days a little more annoying. Remember: don’t let them get to you! You don’t owe anyone an answer as to how you spend your time or how long it takes you to get going.

4. Time you enjoy wasting was not wasted

You will waste time, but that’s okay, because as John Lennon said: “Time you enjoy wasting was not wasted”. Take all the time you need for yourself. Even if you chill for a whole year, remember one year is nothing in comparison to a lifetime. You have all the time in the world to become whoever you want to be. It’s never too late or too early to start. The world is your oyster.

5. Time flies

Bear in mind that time goes by quickly though, so do try to make the most of it even if it’s not work-related. You don’t want to wake up 6 months later just to realize that you haven’t achieved anything at all. Travel, read books, start taking the Italian classes you never had the time for, learn how to play tennis, become a yogi… Whateeeever floats your boat. Me-time is sacred. So make the most of it!


My life in #10yearchallenge memes

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Unless you live in a cave or are on some sort of social media detox (#2019Resolutions), I’m guessing you’re up-to-date with the 10-year challenge rant.

At first I wanted to take part of it and post a before-and-after picture of myself (because why not), but then I realized I didn’t come this far in life to voluntarily post pictures of me in 2009.

Instead, I have gathered a few of my favorite 10-year challenge memes (and drawings) for you to enjoy.

A lot of things happened this past decade.

1- Some people changed

2- Some people stayed the same

3- Some people stayed the same but changed their eyebrows

(Because trends and all…)

4- And some of them showed their true colors

(This one took less than 10 years though)

And then there are the things that stayed the same.

5- Like my relationship status

5 bis- More of my relationship status…

6- And my financial status

7- And my anxiety

8- I started seeing things differently

(They did warn me this might happen when I start growing up)

9- Even if life got blurry sometimes…


10- My heart turned to stone

10 bis- This one happened progressively though…

(I learned how to get over it with a smile)

11- It was a bit exhausting to be honest

(But I did learn a lot)

12- Most importantly, I experienced growth

And for that, I am truly deeply grateful!


All in all, it was fun while it lasted!

On another note (jokes and memes aside), here’s a message from Facebook and the FBI:



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Whether you get your monthly salary from your parents or you got a job, managing your wallet or bank account could be a great idea – only when it works! In most cases like today, yesterday and probably every other day,  you will find yourself sitting at home and waiting for some miracle to happen because #BrokeLife calls for desperate measures and Netflixing in bed.


Here are 7 tips that could help you make a positive change with your financials.

1. Pay Your Debts (i.e. Whatever You Owe To Your Friends) At The Very Start Of The Month

As soon as you get your monthly salary, always try to remember if you owe someone money and make sure to pay them back. I know; you just touched your salary and probably don’t wanna let it go on the very first day, but if you wait till mid of the month, you will probably not be able to cover it. Trust me, paying your bills on time (or what you owe your friends) will give you a net profit to manage throughout the month with no worries at all. Plus, you need to always keep your promise to your friends, or else, they will not trust you anymore with future loans.

2. Know How To Budget – Allocate Your Money Depending Of The Month’s Different Plans

I know it’s kinda boring but taking 20 minutes to allocate budgets accordingly will save you a lot for later. Think about what you have planned for the month and work it out financially: budget for this month’s birthdays and big events, your next shopping list (stick to it and try not to go OFF guard!) and finally, allocate the money you need for daily meals, drinks, gas, outings, etc., separately.
Be your own consultant!

3. Savings

If you survived step 2 successfully, that means you should end up with some amount of money by the end of the day – even if it is as little as $10, make sure you save it and don’t feel the urge to spend it on something you don’t really need! It can help you with the upcoming busy months to come (where you have more spending) or you can always allocate an extra monthly sum for your next summer trip! Also, don’t forget to invest in a savings account – that’s an investment worth having as it pays you off big time! Check out our savings advantages for the young 

4. Being Young Has Its Own Benefits

Yes, it means being able to enjoy a lot of discounts offered by so many services. I mean, why not? If being young doesn’t always pay you off with big money (as you’re probably still at entry level), it kinda makes up for it with the many discounts and benefits that many services offer exclusively for the youth only. Check out the many discounts and offers that you can benefit from by simply presenting your Lucky to be Young card! 

5. Save Up On Gas

Yes, gas gas gas! Driving in Lebanon is already stressful enough, and between the daily consumption of gas and the parking prices (All valets everywhere!), it is always better to take a cab and save up!

6. Be Up-to-date On Your Credit Record

No, it’s not just another plus application on the phone; it’s here for a reason! Always keep track on your expenses to know whether you are budgeting right or whether you are overspending. Check out BLF’s app, My BLF that gives you a clear and updated view of your transactions and balances! Download it now!

Download My BLF and enjoy an optimized digital banking experience.


Download My BLF and enjoy an optimized digital banking experience.

7. Buy Smart

Let’s face it. We’re still young and we’re probably not doing that MUCH to be able to spend here and there without giving a care (future goals of course!) But for now, make sure you’re buying what you need and not whatever is cute or new. I mean this marketing world of ours is full of tempting stuff but let’s keep our priorities straight.

Now tell us about your most embarrassing “broke” or “card declined” moment. 


Guide to getting through family gatherings over the Christmas holidays

Reading Time: 3 minutes

This holiday season comes with a lot of joy, gratitude, presents, food, merriment, and… unasked-for comments from relatives.

This seems to be a universal thing; all around the globe, families gather to share a meal and reconnect, all while smoothly directing nosy comments at the younger generation.

The comments start when you’re about 17 years old and they won’t stop coming until you graduate university.

Wait, no… until you get married.

Well, maybe until you have kids.

Actually, I think the safest bet is that they won’t stop coming until your kids are old enough to have the comments redirected to them.

Here’s a list of comments you can look forward to receiving during this joyful and merry season, with a few suggested comebacks you can fire back!

1. Wow, you’ve gained weight!


Oh, gee. I really had no idea. Thanks for making the effort to point it out even though no one, specifically I, asked you about your opinion!

Best response: “Well, ouch.”

Make your hurt feelings known with a direct statement that shows how rude their comment was without getting into a long discussion over it. Simple and effective!

2. So, are you seeing anyone right now?

breathe count to ten

Um. Yeah. Netflix.

Best response: “I’m just focusing on myself, my studies, and my friends right now. If I happen to meet someone along the way, then great!”

Then change the subject.

3. Sometimes, I worry you forgot about us! You haven’t been visiting at all.


Well yeah… to avoid these questions.

Best response: “I’ve just been really busy with work/exams and projects. I had been meaning to visit, though.”

Sometimes, telling a white lie is necessary.

4. You know I heard [x]’s kid got married. Good for them! When are you going to delight us with such good news?


Best response: “When I do, you’ll be the first one to hear about it!”

Yeah, right.

5. Hopefully, next year, you’ll be introducing us to your partner!

jennifer laurence


Best response: “Fingers crossed.”

You know, [x]’s daughter landed a job in Dubai. She’s making tons of money and she’s really happy! I hope we’ll get to say that about you, someday.


rolling eyes ok

Best response: “You already can. I love my job!”

Then, ask them about themselves and how they’re doing.

You got this.

And my final piece of advice is, focus on the food.