Things I learned after turning 20

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Because the minute I turned 20, a journey of a sort of transformation of awareness began. This transformation continues to accompany me today, almost two years later. A lot of truths began uncovering themselves. A lot of wake-up calls crept up on me. Awareness felt like a rollercoaster of ups and downs, and an abundance of lessons threw themselves at me and said “Here, you have some growing up to do, and the ONLY road is the tough road.”

This brings me to:

Lesson number 1:
Mistakes are essential for your growth

No matter how much someone might advise you about a certain life lesson or try to teach you about it, there is absolutely nothing quite like learning it yourself, through your own mistakes. Like not taking that jacket on a windy night when your mom specifically told you to. And this time, it’s not a jacket. It’s a lot more painful. That’s just the way it is. It is essential to make mistakes, to self-reflect, and to come to the conclusion yourself, through your own experiences.

Lesson number 2:
You cannot reach your fullest potential if your own company is never enough for you.

How do you expect to ever know yourself if you don’t make time for yourself? You need to make sure you know how to spend time alone AND how to be single. If you’re in a happy and healthy relationship, that’s great. But if it ends, do NOT try to deal with it by jumping into another relationship. The period of time after your relationship ends is GOLDEN!Discover your hidden talents, explore new activities and subjects, read, watch movies, spend a day at the beach alone, research things that interest you, make art, practice meditation.

Lesson number 3:
The art of letting go with no regrets. You don’t lose, you either win or you grow.

Being stuck in the past and regretting things you can’t control is an ILLUSION that is trying to distract you from the only thing that you can control; the present moment. Not every single person we meet is meant to stay in our lives forever. Accept when it is time to let them go. Don’t regret or feel like you should’ve never let them in in the first place. They were there for a reason, and whether you acknowledge it or not, they changed you for the better in one way or another. When it is their time to leave, gracefully let them go and make way for new people and lessons to come in.

Lesson number 4:
You and only you, are the one who is in charge of getting yourself that thing you sit around wishing and hoping for… And it won’t be easy or quick.

Many of us spend so much of our time envisioning, wishing for, and dreaming about the things that we want. The perfectly fit body, the outstanding achievements, the dream job, and so on. We spend so much of our time fantasizing that we don’t even acknowledge the fact that nobody is going to do it for us. You want to become an artist, you have to spend hours over hours over hours working alone, you have to endure many disappointments and errors, you have to doubt yourself a million times.

Lesson number 5:
Question everything and recognize that you don’t truly know anything.

Getting older means thinking for yourself, really questioning everything that you’ve ever been taught, reflecting, analyzing, learning, and coming to conclusions on your very own. Open up your mind to every possible perspective that comes your way, acknowledge that there is no one true perspective, expand your horizons. If you focus all your energy on one thing, you’ll miss out on the endless possibilities. Transcend.

Ghina could have written an entire book when it comes down to it, but for now, she will leave it at 5. How about you add one to the list? What could be the one lesson you have learned over the years, that you could probably give it as an advice to someone else?

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Songs That Will Make Your Life Feel Like a Scene from a Music Video

Reading Time: 2 minutes

You know you’ve had that moment where you feel like you’re in a music video as you jam to a song. Here’s a list of songs that will create different big-screen worthy moments for you.

Heartbroken – The following songs work whether you’ve had a heavy argument with your lover, whether you’re completely broken up, whether you’re trying to win them back, or you’re just accepting that things are really over.

From the music video: We Don't Talk Anymore
  • Start A Riot – Banner
  • Ocean (feat. Khalid) – Martin Garrix
  • Hard to Do – Gavin James
  • The Other – Lauv
  • Silhouette – Aquilo

Driving into The Sunset – Golden light in your face as the sun sets, you’re driving down the road on the way back from an amazing day with your friends. You’re happy. You’re blissful. Life is good.

from the movie: Before Sunset
  • Together – Marshmello
  • Winnebago (feat. Quinn XCII & Daniel Wilson) – Gryffin
  • House Party – The Knocks & Captain Cuts
  • Children of a Miracle – Don Diablo & Marnik
  • Rise (feat. Jack & Jack) – Jonas Blue

Pre-Party Vibes – Need to set the mood as you get ready to go out and have yourself an awesome night? These are the songs you need.

  • 5 in The Morning – Charli XCX
  • Activate – Cheat Codes
  • Best Friend (feat. NERVO, The Knocks & Alisa Ueno) – Sofi Tukker
  • 1 Night (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR, 21 Savage & Murda Beatz) – Stargate
  • I Like It (feat. BadBunny & JBalvin) – Cardi B

Chilling at a Bonfire – Hammocks? Check. Friends? Check. Snacks? Check. Drinks? Check.

Captured by @Charbel_abiad
  • Heaven – The Blaze
  • Above The Clouds – Robin Schulz
  • Bloom (Mix Cut) – Sultan + Shepard
  • Terrapin – Bonobo
  • 17 (6am Remix) – MK

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7 Things You Didn’t Know about the World Cup

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The World Cup trophy weighs 6.1 kilograms, is worth approximately ten million US dollars and the winning team only gets to take home a replica of it.


Austria defeated Switzerland 7-5 in 1954, marking the highest scoring game in World Cup history.


In the 2014 World Cup, almost half of the world’s population (3.2 billion people) tuned in to watch the games.


Only European (11) and South American (9) countries have won the World Cup.


The most expensive finals in the history of the World Cup are the 2018 finals in Russia with a designated $11.8 billion for spending, around double the amount spent by Brazil in the 2014 Cup.


Mexico has qualified for the trophy 16 times, more than any other country.


The largest victory in an international football game was Austalia defeating the American Samoa 31-0 during a qualifying match for the 2002 World Cup.

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10 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Footprint on this Earth

Reading Time: 3 minutes

As we continue to grow and develop in this ever changing society, our attention is being turned more and more towards living a sustainable life. Actions are being taken across the world to conserve our beautiful ecosystem. Each and every action can help in reducing our mark on this earth!

10 ways to reduce your footprint on this earth:

1.Take your drink without a straw

This may sound new if you’re used to always drinking with a straw, but really it’s worth it! The amount of straws being thrown every day is absurd, not to forget that plastic straws are not recyclable, which means they will not go away! Crazy, right?
Many restaurants and clubs, such as The Grand Factory have recently joined the movement of cutting out the straw from their branches around Lebanon.
All it takes is a simple no. #DropTheStraw

2. Carpool

It’s always more fun being in the car with your friends. Develop a system where you pick each other up rather than each taking a car.

3. Switch from plastic to paper

Millions of plastic bags are used every year in Lebanon alone. It takes centuries for a plastic bag to dissolve. By switching to paper products, our footprint can be significantly reduced.
Banque Libano-Française has eliminated in 2015 all plastic cutlery and plastic dishes in all its 3 cafeterias where for example the Bank shifted its usage of plastic cups into paper cups.

4. Take your own bags to stores/supermarkets

Each and every bag you take adds up. Refuse the plastic bag! It will be less hectic for you to dispose of.

 5. Participate in clean-up events around your country!

There are many organizations, such as Recycle Lebanon, Recycle Beirut,… that are always initiating environmentally friendly treks. Participate in one, and the feeling will push you to continue your effort!
BLF has been reusing and recycling paper and electronic waste since 2011 and has recently started recycling metals cans and donating them to L’Ecoute association.

6. Recycle, recycle, recycle!

It doesn’t take much to set aside plastic, metals and paper. You will feel good about it! Some recycling centers you can turn to are L’ecoute, Ganatch, Recycle Beirut, Costa Brava Recycling Center, Sicomo, and more! You can now download the app for “Liveloverecycle” on Android and iPhone, and send your items at the click of a button. And it’s free!

7. Buy reusable products

Tupperwares, mugs, plates, cutlery. Reduce on anything you cannot reuse.
The Bank shifted to reusable cutleries, trays and plates since 2015 in all its 3 cafeterias and internal campaigns were done for employees to opt for reusable items.

8. Buy products in bulk

This way, you can reduce on packaging. It’s a win-win, because you end up with more products for less cost! Try not to impulse buying items. They will be thrown away sooner or later! Try and keep your spending at a minimum: you will benefit!

9. Sort through your clothes on a regular basis 

There is always a person in need of a piece of clothing you’re ready to throw away. Do good and give your old clothes away! Doing good feels good, always.

10. Electronize as much as possible

Go for digital receipts, type notes rather than write them, email documents rather than printing. Each piece of paper counts, try and reduce the amount you dispose of!
BLF added to its ATMs the following statement “Consider the environment before printing” giving its users the option to lose the printed receipt for some transactions in a step to reduce paper use.. Internally, many measures such as the E-banking system and self-service system have enabled employees to cut down on paper usage.

We have thought of 10 ways for a better sustainable life. But what about you? How are you contributing to the environment?

Out of these 10 easy steps above, which one/ones do you practice/or are you willing to follow? And why?

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The winner will be announced on Monday the 9th of July. Good luck!
P.S. You have to be between 21 and 25 to take part in the competition.


Won’t You Come Adventure With Me?

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Nature is calling you, but are you picking up?

Well, some people have. And they loved the conversation. In fact, the will be sharing their best experiences with us here.

So how about we go on a nice adventure with them?

Charbel, Christelle, Lucia, Joe and Ranine…Take us with you!

1.Hills and Valleys, Valleys and Hills

Camping in Baskinta

Captured by @Charbel_abiad

Baskinta is one of the highest villages of Lebanon. Located in the Metn district, at the bottom of Mount Sannnine, it is very well known for being one of Lebanon’s finest camping spots. Baskinta offers gorgeous views of the hills, the valleys and the Mediterranean sea. Pine trees and camping spots are spread almost everywhere there.

All you need is some 5 star tents, hammocks, inflatable mattresses and a bonfire in the middle to go with the beautiful shining skies.

It’s actually very easy to get there as it takes 10 minutes of hiking to get to the perfect camping spots, but make sure you arrive there early.

2.Flat Earth Society Anyone?

Camp in Bchaaleh

Located in Batroun, Bchaaleh is home to the olive trees of Noah (among the oldest trees in the world). It was mid summer when Charbel went there for the first time, along with a small group of friends to camp and barbecue their way through the night. This awesome spot is disconnected from everything.  If you’re not a hiking fan, don’t worry because you don’t really need to hike as it is easily accessible by car. In this huge flat area, Charbel found a flawless view: a sunset and a sea of clouds just beneath him only letting few rays through with an orange line extending on the horizon.

Amazed by this beauty, Charbel and his friends decided to share it with all the nature freaks out there and organized a camping event.
We’re talking music, drinks and burgers. Need I say more?

3.El Quamouaa and chill


Joe has found the perfect spot to be at in Qammouaa/Akkar. It’s an oak forest, a magical place where you can hike and camp as well. Acoording to him, there are too many trails and one can find a lot of wild animals like rabbits and squirrels.
Wait, did you say rabbits?

4. Let’s Ride All the Way to Laqlouq

Laqlouq Village

This view is beautiful on so many levels, especially in fall. But it’s not just about the view. This is a place where you can enjoy a lot of activities such as biking, horse riding and rappel to name a few.

How about we spend the night there just like Ranine has? Just get your lovely pals, throw a bonfire and enjoy a beautiful and serene camping experience with a view that overlooks the village.

5. Beach who?

The Waterfall of Afqa (mountains of Byblos)

3 words to sum it up: Waterfall. Freezing water and Picnic.
But there’s also a story behind this beautiful scenery. According to Joe, it is the place where Adonis, a Greek god was dead.

6. Kfarhedla is the new Coachella

The Waterfalls of Kfarhedla

Well, almost…
Located above Batroun, this beauty consists of 3 waterfalls on top of each other. It’s a beautiful place in the middle of nature to just relax and be at peace. According to Ranine, the best time to visit this place is during summer. She also recommends you run and jump in the waterfall to feel the freezing water hit against you. The hike is a bit difficult, she says, as it has lots of climbing, but the amazing view is definitely worth the struggle).

Oh and here is Ranine’s beautiful Labrador, Kira.

7. Somewhere between Laqlouq and Tannourine

This cute river in an area located between Laklouk and Tannourine, a huge green space where you can picnic or even camp, not far nor isolated, but its amazing greenery is definitely a place to run in and set your hammock to chill.

8.On Top of it All

Black peak is the highest peak in Lebanon

According to Ranine, this 3-to-4 hour hike is challenging and exhausting but definitely recommended as the end result is entirely worth it. Reaching the top and being able to watch the sunset over the horizon is one of the most beautiful sights she’s seen. After the hike, she and her friends camped at the base of the peak. The night has extreme cold conditions but it’s something everyone should experience. On another note, hiking up at 5 am to watch the magical sunrise is another wonder in itself.

9.It’s all Green everything

Mekhtaret El Chouf

Wanna go picnic and enjoy the sound of waterfalls splashing without having to hike a lot? Well, let Christelle take you there. Located in Chouf, El Mekhtara is a beautiful greenery with a lot of old bridges and a small lake (“Berket El Aarous”). It is quite the chill life as the hike is easy and very accessible.

10.In the land of Tarzan

Wadi Quannoubine- Becharre

Serenity and  peace, green and clean… sounds like the perfect getaway. A simple easy walk of 40 minutes would take you to Tarzan’s forest. Surrounded by caves, old monasteries and flowing rivers, one could easily throw the perfect camping experience up there!

11. Give Me Serenity and Calm

 Wadi Qannoubine

If you’re looking for somewhere small and calm, this place is the perfect spot for you. Due to its small size and coziness, this place is not suitable for big groups as you can only throw a few tents there.
According to Lucia, waking up early in the morning to the serene cascade of the river is everything.
P.S. There are some hiking  trails that you need to overcome to get there as cars can’t easily access this secret spot.

12.Finally, to jump or not to jump?



That was Christelle’s main dilemma when in Baskinta. Despite the previous easy hikes that she has experienced before, this one was very challenging. A dangerous hike indeed but a diverse one as well. In fact, it was the most beautiful hike she has done so far. One of the main challenges she had to overcome was climbing the mountain on a very old ladder to get to the top. But one of the beautiful things she got to experience was following the splashing sound of the water to eventually find the hidden gorgeous waterfall.

Did she eventually jump though?

13. Did you really think we forgot about Chouwen?


Of course we haven’t!

This piece of painting has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. The view of the lake separating the giant mountains is not to be missed. As for the lake itself, it is quite big and very enjoyable (despite the water being as cold as your ex’s heart). Not to mention how easily accessible it is.
P.S. Inflatables are not allowed in Chouwen to preserve the cleanliness of the place.

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12 Hidden Gems of the Art Scene in Beirut

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Whether you’re born an artist or just feeling artsy today, Beirut is the place to be. Besides the city itself being a historical jewel, it hides little gems of places in the corners of its smallest streets.

1.Would you like to showcase your art?

Beirut ART Salon

Pioneering artists, this innovative social enterprise is offering you the chance to exhibit your works and debut your career in art! Beirut Art Salon uses community spaces to create a platform for artists to share their talents with the world for free.
BAS is a unique initiative making art affordable to the public and investing in local artists, a community that is expanding year by year…

Previous events: Pilot Exhibition, Art Therapy Talk, Graffiti Art Talk…

2.Or indulge in some music too?


This music hub, with its cozy home-like settings, is a platform for music-related activities and events, providing programs and facilities for different music styles and age ranges. Some rooms are used for music lessons, the rest of the creative space serving as a relaxed coffee shop.
Previous events: Diva live, No mic night, Xango- Live Brazilian music…

Location: Sioufi, Achrafieh, Beirut

3.Well I bet you like books

Aaliya’s books

A bookshop of used and new books doubling as a café and bar, Aaliya’s books is the venue for bookworms and an inspirational set up for all artists. You can grab a cup of coffee and join their own book club, check out the talks, round table discussions and writing workshops, or grab a cocktail and enjoy live music, stories, poetry or readings.
Previous events: Free writing day, Valentine’s day with your favorite book, Breakfast with Paul Kaloustian…

Location: Gouraud Steet, Beirut

4.And a bit of everything too

Station Beirut

At Station Beirut, you can see your favorite band live or check out new photography exhibitions, theatre shows, screenings, markets or pop-ups. There is always something for you at their cultural space dedicated to visual and live arts. Who knows? Maybe you’ll have a new favorite thing to check out.
Previous events: Adonis live, Summer breeze Sundays, Film projection-Hamasat

Location: Jisr el Wati, Beirut

 5.You see, some projects need to be seen

Ashkal Alwan

A non-profit organization also known as The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts, Ashkal Alwan is a unique platform in the Arab world that encourages new projects and hosts workshops, educational and artistic research, exhibitions and performances in its Home Workspace providing multifunctional facilities. It hosts around 15 international, Arab and Lebanese students a year as part of its Home Workspace Program, an independent research and production curriculum.

Previous events: Public Talk-Jalal Toufic, Sharjah Biennial 13, Video Works…

Location: Jisr El Wati, Street 90 Building 110, 1st Floor, Beirut

6.And some projects are worth it too

Beirut Art Center

New year, new events, new chances to take the artist in you on a trip home.
Dedicated to contemporary art, the Beirut Art Center organizes yearly programs of screenings, exhibitions, talks and performances, as well as guided tours and workshops related to various disciplines of art.
Previous events: I Heard You Laughing screening, Workers Speak for Themselves, How to Study Art?-Writing Workshop…

Location: Jisr El Wati area, Adlieh, Beirut

7. Because your culture should not be forgotten

Dar El-Nimer for Arts & Culture

We all need some time to look back and reflect upon our roots and heritage. This non-profit art foundation is a timeless retreat to admire historical, modern and cultural productions from Palestine and the Levant region. Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture hosts historians, writers, curators, performers, musicians and filmmakers to promote cultural awareness and understanding of social and political realities.
Previous events: Film Tuesday, Arab Voices: Stories from Palestine, Tarab Night…

Location: America Street, Clemenceau, Beirut

8.And your history? it speaks for itself too

Beit Beirut

Barakat Building, Yellow House, Beit Beirut… Its history speaks for itself, regardless of what you choose to call it. Although not so hidden and historically popular, many locals still do not know that this historic landmark has been restored and is now an open museum and cultural center, preserving Beirut’s history and memory of the civil war through its art exhibitions, cultural talks, workshops, performances and panels.
Previous events: Healing Lebanon, Shifting Lights, Talk with Elias Al Khoury…

Location: Sodeco square, Monot, Ashrafieh, Beirut

9. The modern and the new are meant to be celebrated


Fresh emerging talents have a space of their own. From local to international, Artlab is an art gallery exhibiting contemporary, figurative and abstract art. This venue is the definition of young and new. Paintings, video art and photography are all combined under one roof to offer you a chance to stay up-to-date on vibrant talents from the region and the world.
Previous events: Nocturnes des Galleries, To be a Woman, Dance of the Pen…

Location: Gouraud street, Gemmayze, Beirut

10.And museums, well, they’re as magical as you

Sursock Museum

A well-known palace, not so hidden, but a gem indeed… The magic of Sursock Museum remains timeless. Although it is a popular wedding venue and architectural monument, the museum inside the majestic white pillars is not as celebrated. The modern and contemporary art museum hosts workshops, talks, exhibitions and tours besides its fixed gallery.
Previous events: Swiss Art Talks, Poetics, Politics, Places gathering, Explore Observe Paint workshop…

Location: Greek Orthodox Archbishopric Street, Ashrafieh, Beirut
Picture courtesy of Sursock Museum: Sursock by Night

11.Because they got a haven for you little artist

Haven for Artists

“For the arts, by the arts” ,a motto that perfectly introduces this non-governmental arts organization. Haven for Artists, both a community and a space, serves as a platform for creative artists and a network for these unique minds, hosting exhibitions, exchange and residency programs, workshops, discussions, concerts and more. The homey ambience of the venue will inspire you to squeeze out your creative juices and enjoy moments in their simplest artsiest forms.
Previous events: Haven House Yoga with Jean, Bitter Moon Screening, The 90’s Pool Party…

Location: Armenia Street, Beirut

12.And an underground venue too

Minus 1

An art hub that aims at making art affordable, Minus 1 is an underground venue that organizes workshops, exhibitions, talks and screenings.
Previous events: Rick & Morty Screenings, Flow in the Dark Yoga, Acting Lab, among many others.

Location: Tabaris, near 124 Rue 70, Beirut

Next time you need inspiration or just a good artful time, head down to the heart of the city. Beirut believes in your art and it has something for everyone!

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How India Changed My Life

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Over the summer of 2017, I embarked on a journey that flipped my entire perception of life.

Upon arriving in the overwhelming city of New Delhi, India, I knew I would no longer be the same Michelle. The riveting sensation tingled my bones.
This change may not be traceable back to a single moment for all, but at least for me, it can. This moment made me into the person I am proud to call myself today, and walk as a better person.

This epitimal moment for me was the second i journeyed to the abundant land of India. My life did a 180 degree flip. Now, one must remember that when they set foot in an underdeveloped country, all expectations must be set aside. One must let the adventure carry them, and go where the wind takes them. And that is exactly what I did!

Imagine yourself in a country completely foreign to you,
one that you’ve heard of since the beginning of time, but never been able to touch down upon until this very moment.

Cows, EVERYWHERE. And people, EVERYWHERE. All dressed in bright colors, living amongst each other, in perfect and flawless harmony. I was in shock. How could they be so calm with all the underlying chaos?

And as expected, complete and desperate poverty.
The slums are everywhere. The people are everywhere. They seek refuge under any tree that will offer shade with its leaves. The sun beats strong, around 40 degrees Celsius during the day in the summer. Yet, they all get up to finish their tasks of the day, no matter how exhausting it may be. You could live like a king for $10 a day.

To my surprise, there are very few beggars. They are such hard-working people.
If they don’t have the resources, they dig them up from the ground. They pick up any odd job they can make 50 rupees off of (1 dollar = 64 rupees). Men will stand with a scale, a measuring tape, scissors. A barber shop will be set up on the street, consisting of a mirror, a chair, and a clipper. I’m amazed.

Although short, my experience in India was one that touched my life in the most positive way possible.
One that is to be repeated on a yearly basis. My eyes were opened to the exact reality people live in. But, they are not any less happy than us. Quite the opposite. They are so appreciative for what they have. If they share the two-bedroom house with seven of their family members, they are MORE than grateful to have a home to cover their heads.

No society will ever be perfect, or live in complete harmony and happiness.
But, I believe we have a lot to learn from the beautiful culture the people of India bring forward. If I have obtained a single piece of knowledge to pass on, it is this: travel into the unknown. Widen your horizons, go East! Do not restrict yourself to the typical destinations visited, I promise it will be worth it. The entire trip was so light on the pocket, yet heavy on my heart.


What would you do to step out of your comfort zone?
Leave a comment in the section below for a chance to win 2 Vouchers at TOMATOMATIC; Because every experience starts with a pizza!
P.S.: We’ll be choosing 2 lucky winners.


8 Things Waiters Hate To Hate

Reading Time: 3 minutes

They say, “A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person.”
Well said Dave Barry and thank you for this awesome observation.
Let’s elaborate more on that, shall we?

We talked to some waiters and gathered some of the common things that they hate to hate when on duty.

1. Give the waiter your attention as he approaches your table

It’s okay to put your cellphone away and stare at the waiter. Don’t just keep on talking to the other people at the table while the waiter is addressing you. Don’t answer his “Hi! How are you doing today?” with a “One Diet Coke please”. You don’t care about his life and nor does he. But it wouldn’t hurt to respond to the waiter’s friendliness. At the end of the day, he’s just making sure you get a nice overall experience.

2. Make sure that everyone on the table is actually ready to order before you call the waiter.

Ready to order? Great for you! But wait a second. Before the eager and hungry you calls the waiter, make sure that the rest of the table have decided on what they want to have. It’s actually rude to make the waiter wait for everyone to make up their minds. He could have been serving another table in the meantime, and your friends wouldn’t have felt the pressure either (#AllEyesOnThem). It’s a win win, right?

3. Patience. Patience. Patience

We can all get cranky when the food takes more time to arrive. It’s normal. But don’t let it out on the waiter as he has nothing to do with that (and is probably feeling stressed about it too)! Instead, ask him ‘politely’ to check with the kitchen crew.

4. There is no such thing as WonderWaiter

Yes, the waiter did clean the table before you came in. And yes the waiter is probably great at multitasking, but remember he only has two hands, just like me, you and everyone else.  So when the food arrives, make sure to get your phone, charger, tablet, jacket, scarf and purse out of the way. He shouldn’t be responsible of your own messiness too.

 5. Don’t show a sign of superiority

Seriously though, don’t snap your fingers at your waiter. It’s such a faux-pas and it’s extremely rude. Don’t shout his name either. Wait until he gets close to your table and then call him. And don’t worry, waiters will always know that you’re looking for them. They will understand your body language or eye contact.  You will not go unnoticed. And in case your waiter is occupied by another table, you can always talk to someone else.

 6. What is rush hour?

Take a moment. Breathe and observe. Is the restaurant packed? More than the usual? Then expect a waiting list for your table and a slower service for your food. Don’t blame the waiter and go all crazy on him. If you feel that you have to leave a comment to the management of the restaurant, you can ask the waiter for a recommendation card (maybe suggest more waiters or more people in the kitchen). And no,  you can never suggest waiters with extra hands…

 7. Before you leave

Now we know, you’re basically full and just wanna leave. You don’t really feel like cleaning up afterwards. Well no one expects you to take out your plates and sanitize the table, but do the minimum at least. Don’t leave your dirty napkins and tissues spread out everywhere. Make it a bit easier for the waiter and leave a nice impression.

 8. Tip, tap top…but tip!

Did you know that waiters rely on your tips for their living? Yes! The actual pay per hour for a waiter is not very… much, and think about all those super busy days and nights they’ve had, the fact that they skip their toilets breaks if the restaurant gets too crowded and well, everything else they go through. It’s physically, and mentally, tiring.
Keep in mind that better tipping will always serve you as a customer, since the waiter will keep on having better motives. Not to forget that most of the waiters are college students, trying to save up for their tuition or get some pocket money.

It’s your turn now…

Share with us in the comments section below your funniest encounter with a waiter for a chance to win two vouchers at one of our partners, CLASSIC Burger Joint and indulge in their yummy juicy burgers !!


13 Pictures Why we love you mom

Reading Time: 2 minutes




A superhero who can handle chaos and difficulties, as strong and brave as 10 men combined

Photographer: Tamara Saade (@beirutmemories)

A warm heart who will always hold you tight like a baby no matter how old you get


and no matter how rude, stubborn and annoying you become,


she will always sacrifice her life for your own happiness

Photographer: Tamara Saade (@beirutmemories)

Her favorite shopping is picking up fresh fruits and vegetables for you guys

Photographer: KArl BouRheily (@karlbourj)

… doesn’t matter if you don’t like vegetables, she will make you have that meal anyway

Photographer: Ramona El Khoury (@ramonakphotography)

And remember those days when she did not let you go out before you learn how to fix your own room? (“Eltile badik t3ishe lahalik?”)


Or maybe these nights when you would go sleep next to her in bed after having watched a horror movie?

Photographer: Noir Barakat (@noirbarakat)

And hey, don’t forget about those late night sessions she has had

Whether it’s making sure you get your daily dose of caffeine on your overnights procrastination studying


Or just worried waiting for you to answer the “waynak/waynik” spamming whatsapps because you never answer her calls ofc


And trust me, no matter how much you try to please her during the day

Photographer: Elie el Khoury (@elierkhoury)

You know she will give you that death look when you come back home at 5 a.m.

Photographer: Angelo Beaini (@angelobeaini )

The story hasn’t ended and there are a lot of other motherly moments that we have not talked about… yet.

So wanna take your mama out?
Share with us in the comments section below a personal motherly moment. The most creative comment will win a voucher for 2 at “Couqley”! That’s a gift she’ll love for sure!

And a BIG Shoutout to all the amazing photographers who made this beautiful story happen!! (Check their Instagram pages!)

Yours Truly,

Lucky to be Young


Let’s Overcome That Major FOMO Of Ours

Reading Time: 3 minutes

In a world where social media is taking over our lives, where we are constantly glued to our screens and where everyone tries to show their best/coolest/most epic life moments to their friends and followers, everyone wants to get a taste of everything that’s happening around. But when the eager You has not much time, has other duties or  is maybe tight on budget, you will not be able to join the hype (that everyone’s part of), and thus you will experience a major FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Whether the word sounds too blondish for you or not, you know it’s true. It is serious. Everyone has experienced this feeling at least once!

Source: ANNA AKANA -FOMO (SHort Movie)

1.Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand …fictions

So it’s Saturday night and you can’t go out because it’s finals period. Here you are, glued to your books and papers. Then you decide to open your phone and take a small break from your studying. You open your Instagram stories and here you go: your bestfriend is at this awesome house party, your classmates are having the perfect night at your favorite club and your other friends are trying that brand new restaurant. Here it comes: FOMO. But you should also know that these moments of major fun that you just saw are just a capture of the best moment of the night. The party might not be that awesome or the restaurant might not be that special. (Unless it’s Couqley, then you should totally take one for the team and grace your friends with a %10 discount with your Lucky to be Young card!) All I’m trying to say is that you never know what is really going on behind the scenes. That picture perfect moment you’re watching may not reflect the true atmosphere of the scene. But think about it, who would want to post a boring story after all?

Source: FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out (very short film)
Source: FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out (very short film)

2.Tsokay to say “NO”

So your outdoorsy friends have decided to plan a day out to this beautiful destination that everyone’s posting about, but you have other duties on this very same day: your family is in town and there is this big annual family event that you had totally forgotten about (#ButThatsNoExcuseToFamily). Saying no to this awesome plan might be hard to deal with, but you should learn to be able to say “no” with full determination and conviction and to manage your plans according to priority. Sometimes, less is more. Aiming to make it to every plan so you wouldn’t miss a thing is actually bad for you as you won’t be able to enjoy them all to the fullest. And remember, saying no with conviction means that you shouldn’t sit on your phone all day and watch all the fun that you’re not being part of. On the contrary, you should avoid these “evil” stories  and make use of what you have right now.

3.all we have is now

Enjoy the moment that you are having right now. Enjoy the plan you have and the people you’re with. Don’t keep thinking about that “awesome” moment that you will be carefully capturing and posting in a bit, don’t think about that Snapchat story that will showcase the best version of your outing. Don’t have this constant urge to show everyone how much fun you’re having. Remember, no one is waiting for your story and no one’s going to think that you’re actually bored if you don’t post a story or a picture. Now if you’re naturally an online person who just likes to share a lot, that’s totally OK as long as you don’t forget about the real moment and as long as you remember that you’re online feed is a reflection of your real moments and not the other way around.

Source: Are You Living an insta lie? social media vs. reality (short movie)
Source: Are You Living an insta lie? social media vs. reality (short movie)

4.Don’t compare your life/happiness to others’ 

Theodore Roosevelt once said “comparison is the thief of joy”, and we couldn’t agree more! One of FOMO’s symptoms is comparing your life to someone else’s. Remember, gratitude is key. Learn to appreciate and to love what you have instead of adjusting it to someone else’s. Besides, you never know the story behind every person’s life. Appreciate your “right now”. It’s one thing to scroll down your feed and liking people’s posts and another to scroll down while comparing your life to theirs. Inspiration is always great as long as you don’t lose yourself in someone else’s.

Source: "A Social Life"- Award Winning Short Film- Social Media Depression
Source: "A Social Life"- Award Winning Short Film- Social Media Depression

After all, what’s more important? Missing out on someone’s life or missing out on your own life?

P.S: FOMO can be totally solved out. But hey, we don’t want you to miss out on our awesome Youth Package offers…now that would be a real FOMO!!
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