Sparkling ideas for affordable Christmas gifts

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Hint: you don’t have to ruin your budget to make people happy.

It’s Christmas time and it’s that time of the year when excitement comes with some pressure: What can I get my boyfriend for Christmas? How to make my mom happy without spending all my savings? And what about my bestie’s present?

What is basically a “sharing and loving” season could quickly turn into  moments of high anxiety as we edge closer to Christmas eve.

Don’t panic! Start planning.

It all comes down to a list with three simple entries:

name – budget – gift idea.

Yes you got that right, start with a budget then you go hunting for the best idea.


Christmas season is first and foremost about family. And when it comes to family it never matters “how much” you spend, but rather ‘how thoughtful” you are.

Little sis will be very happy to get a new LOL doll even is she has already a dozen spread all over the place – watch your steps here’s one on the carpet! You can get one for 20,000 LBP or even less. Little brother will be so excited to add a dozen of Shopkins.
You can find these cool shopkins at our partners, JoueClub and WildWilly, and benefit from special discounts with your Lucky To Be Young card.

Remember to pack these present yourself and add some personal notes and drawings. Attention to small details is what makes any toy a personal gift.


You think a pair of Christmas socks, well, sucks? You couldn’t be more wrong. There are plenty of fun Christmas socks for every age and taste.
Everyone needs to keep warm in winter and it’s so cute. Just picture your dad or mum snoring in front of the TV. Now picture that with them wearing reindeer and Santa socks while dozing off and on. That’s Christmas spirit.

Another example of cheap yet awesome Christmas present is a Christmas mug. No, not just any mug. But rather a customized Christmas mug. This is something that your brother and sister could use everyday, at home or at the office. It only needs to be truly original and personal. Hint: you can get your  mug printed with original design and name at Malik’s or Doculand.

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Haven’t you forgotten something? Yes, that’s right. Whatever the gift is, always add a Christmas card to tell your family how much you love them. Years later you’ll find out that your parents have kept this card in a drawer for that was their real treasure for Christmas.

3. Beauty and Lifestyle treats – for him and for her

For Her.

How about a really cool Lipstick?
That new killer red everyone is talking about or the totally fancy darker shade that looks awesome?

Whether you have 20$ or 40$ to spend, you are sure to get the right tone that’s going to please her i.e. mom, bestie, sister and/or girlfriend.
That’s a smart Christmas present with a reasonable budget.

Not a big fan of Lipstick? How about this gorgeous Mascara? It doesn’t cost a fortune and it’s totally useful and beautiful.

Yes shes Splendid!

This Christmas she’s Splendid and you are Lucky. Jennyfer’s winter collection has everything you can expect from a top fashion brand. Denims, sneakers, pullovers, shirts, parka coats, you name it. You can mix-and-match all you want at Jennyfer rock-and-roll style yet chic, updated and urban-ish stores.
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For Him.

Some call it bonnet while others call it ski cap. Whatever you call it, it should definitely be on your Christmas list. A ski cap is a terrific budget present for him i.e. bro., boyfriend, cousin.
A bonnet /ski cap is not only weather-proof, it’s a also a fashion statement. He can wear it on a snow trip or any other day in the city streets.
There is a huge choice out there. You can go for totally funky knit ski cap with a lovely pom pom sitting on top, or opt for a more urban stylish fiber one.

Also for him, a nice scarf is a must if you wish to add to his chic attitude.
Scarfs are no longer what they used to be – boring that is, in case you’re wondering.  Ask any Italian model and he’ll tell you it’s the way you put a scarf around your neck that speaks tons of who you really are.

For Him/ Her.

If you’re no longer a student and already making money you can probably afford to spend a bigger budget for people who truly matter to you.
This season fitness wear is a top choice for everyone: Leggings, tights, jumpers – with or without hoodies, should be on your list.

Check out the Christmas offers at our partners. Use your Lucky To Be Young card for special discounts at Class Sport, Sports Experts, Sportika and Daher Sport.

4. Play that song

You can’t possibly go wrong with a pair of earbuds or a set of high quality headphones. Everyone loves music and everyone has tons of songs, videos and playlists on their smartphone.

Headphones (wireless or not) are available for all budgets. They come in various designs and colors.

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6 easy ways to fight stress

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You have already chewed three pencils, bought two spinners and still feeling stressed out. So what are you going to do about it?

Stress is part of our human nature. It is how we manage it that makes us feel better, live happier and be more productive. Stress is not some external agent – like a virus – that is invading you. Rather, it is something that comes from within, and that is good news! If you are part of the problem, then you are definitely part of the solution


How could one sort out a problem if one doesn’t know exactly what the problem is? The first thing to do is to identify what is causing your stress. What is really making you anxious? Is it something or someone?

No, it’s not true that school is stressing you out. You have to be more specific.

The answer to this question will help you deal with the real problem, the source of your distress.


Now that you know what the problem is, you have to take a big decision: I’m going to deal with it, once and for all. Avoiding the problem is not a strategy. It will increase your stress. If the problem is with your workload then you’ll have to come up with a better workflow. If the stress is caused by someone you work with – a teacher, a classmate – then you need to find the best time to have this serious discussion you’ve been avoiding for too long.


Cool people are those who are keeping a checklist or any sort of daily and weekly planning. When you write down what you have to do, it relieves your head and frees your mind. You know exactly what you have to do and when you have to do it. You can better manage your schedule and focus more on your priorities. Your to-do list is actually your personal assistant and a wonderful anti- stress solution. 


Obviously, you can take a break ONLY AFTER you have worked hard enough. Working too hard for too long is a cause of stress. Contemplating the long list of what you have to do and doing nothing about it is a sure way to increase your stress levels. The solution is somewhere in between: work – break – work – break. The more progress you make with your to-do list, the more you deserve a break.

Spending hours watching Game of Thrones when you know you have a quiz tomorrow is not a break. That’s a total breakdown.


You don’t know it yet, but your phone is contributing to your stress. Or maybe you know it but you don’t want to admit it?

Keeping up with your various timelines, feeds, and updates is stressful.

You may have already noticed last time your battery went dead for an hour, it turned out you haven’t missed much. Right?

You’ve spent hours popping candies on your smartphone and now you want to pop some more. Does it feel better? Probably not.

How about you disconnect and keep away from your smartphone for an hour? How about you use this time to focus more on yourself?


Workout is the best stress relief. It won’t sort out the cause of the stress, but it will surely help you fight it.

Physical workout does amazing things to your brain and body. For your body has natural stimulating hormones waiting to be released. These “feel-good-substances” are triggered by physical workout. You don’t have to go to the gym if you don’t have time. Just put your earbuds on and start moving to your favorite music on Anghami, with Lucky to be Young you get 6-month unlimited access 😉 


8 lucky tips* to prepare for your finals

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*add your own 2 tips to reach the top 10 list

It’s this time of the year when (again!) a little voice in your head starts buzzing “final(s) warning!” and suddenly all lights go red. Whether you’re preparing for mid-term exams, submitting a project or taking a test, your adrenaline levels are skyrocketing.

So here are few lucky tips to help you manage your work load, the best way possible.


If you’re preparing for the coming finals, this means you’ve passed previous finals! (Hurray!!)

A little stress is stimulating for your preps and learning skills.

More stress will simply reduce your memory, focus and performance.

girl between a pile of books studying with black school board behind her


The key words here are ‘yourself’ and ‘own’!

While it’s good and healthy to compare and discuss how your friends are progressing in their preps, remember that what matters most is your own progress at your own pace.

And yes, some mates will likely brag about how they’re almost done and all the piece-of-cake-stuff. You don’t want to hear this, do you?

goal checklist


Forget about your romantic, dreamy music playlist. Adele is definitely not your best choice for the preps! Time to switch to RnB playlists (Migos, Solo Lucci and Rihanna will help you push your adrenaline to high motivational levels).

And don’t listen to music WHILE you’re working.

Most studies show that music can be distracting when trying to focus on learning or solving a matter. Music will lift you up when taking short breaks.

guy listening to music outdoors


Pure science, pure pleasure: there is enough evidence supporting that physical workouts increase brain activity and stimulate your motivation and focus. You can start with a 20-minute morning run or add as many short intense exercises during the day as you wish.

Two men on an early morning run


Forget about Hollywood movies and series. They tend to portray genius at work late at night. It might look romantic, even tempting, but it’s definitely not efficient and certainly not realistic. Unless you’re a Martian, most human beings work and perform best during daytime.

A nap is great. But a nap is a nap. Sleeping 3 straight hours in the afternoon with open books on your lap is DEFINITELY NOT a nap. Wake up people!

P.S.: Try sleeping on a pillow for a change, not on your keyboard.

people, education, session, exams and school concept - tired student girl or young woman with books sleeping in library


You can join your friends at your favorite café for a group work session, only if you have worked enough on your own. Group work is efficient only if you have specific questions to ask and/or results to compare. If you haven’t made some progress on your own, then these meetings are called “socializing’ or ‘chill-out moments’.

Cropped shot a group of friends studying together at a coffee shop


The key concept here is ‘realistic’. Try to keep your checklist realistic and in any case close to your actual regular performance. Sure you can increase your output by 30% during your preps, but if you’ve never achieved 10 hours straight work on math, don’t pretend you’re going to do it this time. You’re going to be disappointed and frustrated.

Set a weekly timeline and a daily one. Even if you don’t stick to your timeline, you still have a reference to check your actual progress.

to-do list everything deadline schedule full


Preps are very intense times. You need to keep focused. This is certainly not the right time to add family drama or to fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend over New Year’s lousy party and next summer plans. Remember this one big discussion you were avoiding to have with your parents? Well, avoid it for two more weeks. Stay focused.

hit head

What are your best tips #9 and #10?

Waiting for your own tips and recommendations for healthy and efficient preps.

Comment on this post. Let us know what you think.


6 ways to make new friends at school

Reading Time: 4 minutes

The school year has already begun and you’re well into the first semester.

If you’ve just switched to a new school or started your first year at college, then you’ve probably been pondering this question: how to make new friends?

Well guess what? You’re not the only one in this situation and there are some easy steps to make sure you don’t end up feeling nerdy.


This is not the first time you’re making new friends. Actually, your old friends were “new” at some point, until you became, well, friends.

One of the challenges of young adult life is that we get to leave comfortable and familiar situations behind, and move into new environments. Yes, this is challenging, but you may soon realize it is also exciting.

2. Who are you?

Meeting new people is always a chance to get to know yourself better.

Interacting with new people can reveal how far you’ve changed and evolved. That’s a good thing, right? The problem is that sometimes we tend to “reinvent” ourselves in order to please others. Whatever you do, remember to be yourself. Sooner or later, people will find out who you really are.

3. Don’t overdo it.

You may be excited and eager to meet these wonderful people around you. That’s great. Only you need to make sure they feel the same. Give it a little time. You don’t need to push your way around. How about you make a step and wait for others to make a step? That’s right, it takes two to tango. If you overdo it, your friends-to-be might be tempted to think you’re too pushy, and you’re not – or are you?


Sharing a meal with your new classmates is always a good idea. Whether it’s at the cafeteria or after class hours just outside school, eating together is sharing more than food. This is where you get the chance to chat about your favorite music playlist or even plan to go together to the movies next Friday. Yes, many great friendships start with sharing a dip of ketchup.

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Locate the nearest branch to you and come as you are 😉


Easier said than done. For how could one smile when one’s playlist reads “20 songs that will make you cry”?! Forget about your earbuds. School (or College) is where you socialize. That includes talking and listening. Feeling romantic? You can’t get enough of Wael Kfouri’s heart-devastating song? Save it for later when you go home and when you lay down on the bed for an intensive one-hour so-called “ceiling meditation”.


You don’t know it yet, but the girl sitting two rows in front of you is also a dance passionate. And that guy with tough looks? He happens to be an excellent guitar player who can teach you a couple of tricks. The best way to build new friendships is to share the same passions and interests, outside the realm of math, English literature and history books.

Did you just switch to a new school? Is this your first year at College?

How do you manage to make new friends? How is it going so far?

Share your thoughts and tips.

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Is Autumn the Best Season in Lebanon?

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Summer days are gone, but the fun goes on.

Now that we said our goodbyes to Beirut’s rooftops and threw those colorful swimsuits deep in our closets, time to face a grim reality: Fun is over. Right? You couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, October and November are the best months to enjoy Lebanon, whether you are an urban explorer or a nature-lover seeking adventures. Here’s why.

1. The best weather in the whole wide world.

Check out your weather application, and you’ll see temperatures are so pleasant; autumn light is just perfect, and you don’t have to worry about sticky humidity outside.

Remember that you only needed to cross the street in August to end up sweating and sticking like you were a homemade slime.

Now you can walk for long hours without feeling the heat nor suffocating in heavy humidity.

Walking all the way from Hamra to Downtown then heading to Gemayzeh and Mar Mikhael suddenly seems like a pleasant walk and probably the best thing to do if you wish to avoid horrendous traffic jams. Who knows you might even discover some urban wonders.

Street Art, kid playing with electronics, building in Bachoura, Graffiti

2. Discover Lebanon: nature at its best.

See these beautiful videos on your timeline featuring splendid green hills and turquoise water lakes?! Now is the time to pack your backpack and head to one of these spots to enjoy what the Lebanese countryside has to offer.

Jabal Moussa, Janneh, Lassa, Barouk, Ehden to name just a few.

You always wanted to visit Jezzine or go for long walks in Qadisha Valley. Now is the best time to do it with your friends without risking a heat stroke.

3. Low season, high deals.

Summer season is high season, that’s a fact. This means that everything is more expensive when it comes to staying in a hotel or trying a small guest house in the countryside. One of the benefits of autumn is that you can actually enjoy all those trips for less money. You can save as much as 50% in some places. You’ll be surprised to know how many lovely cozy guest houses have opened all around Lebanon. Now is the best time to travel inside Lebanon.

4. The Beach.

For most Lebanese the beach is a summer thing. But ask a connoisseur and he/she’ll tell you otherwise. In fact, average water temperatures along the Lebanese coast are still very warm (24-25 degrees). That’s warmer than any beach in Europe in the height of August.

With the official beach season over, those monstrous endless traffic jams are all but gone. The highway is all yours. Now you can head to your favorite spot, north or south, in just 20 minutes.

Once you get there, you’ll also realize that the beach is all yours! Apart from few Europeans or some sea-passionate fellow Lebanese, you’ll feel like you’re on a distant island, and that’s just terrific.

5. Autumn is perfect for outdoor activities.

Bright skies? Check.
Beautiful colorful nature? Check.
Moderate temperatures? Check.
A couple of sandwiches and a bottle of water? Check.
Cool friends? Check.

This is the perfect time of the year to go for long hikes in the mountains. It’s also ideal for long rides on a bicycle. One can go on for hours without feeling the blazing sun of July or the almost-tropical moister of August.

You can check it online, there are plenty of amazing adventures every weekend in almost every corner around the country.

Have a look at this video of PolyLiban Association and see for yourself: Click here to watch.

Use your LuckyToBeYoung card to get interesting discounts on bikes at our partner Bike Generation. Check out all the interesting offers here.

6. Fashion any way you like it.

Most of us complain about the “crazy weather” these days for it could start cold in the morning and then gets hot in the afternoon. Stop complaining. Think positive. October and November are perfect for you to wear anything you want. Before we hit December’s stormy days and January’s freezing cold mornings, you have several weeks ahead to enjoy wearing anything really.

You can opt for a T-shirt, or a long-sleeve shirt. You can add a jacket or a blazer. A jumper is always welcome. Try different combinations. It’s all possible because it’s autumn in Lebanon.

Ladies, use your Lucky to be Young card to benefit from 10% discounts at Jennyfer.

7. The best season to take pictures.

Take it from professional photographers: summer pictures suck.

Green hills? Blue sea? Your pictures will likely end up showing different shades of grey. Boring grey.

Want to have vivid colors? Try taking pictures in October and November, anywhere in Lebanon. Your pictures will look crystal clear. Blue is blue, green is green and red is red.

This is the perfect season for beautiful landscape photographs. Now go out there and snap it.

8. Summer is a mind thing.

Remember, we live in Lebanon. This is a Mediterranean country. The entire world envies us for the wonderful weather we have and for our “Mediterranean” lifestyle. In short, we are on summer mode all year long!

We like to have fun. We know how to chill out. We are always surrounded by family and friends. So always remember, summer is sort of a state of mind.

Enjoying good times in good company is not something dictated by the calendar. After all, we eat Tabbouleh all year long!

Please like, comment and share.

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Cover photo credit: Christian Ghammachi Photography #WeAreLebanon #Lebanon 


The Dos and Don’ts of Working Out

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Going to the gym used to mean throwing on an oversized cotton shirt and your mother’s ratty sneakers. Thankfully, those days are long gone. In the last few years, workout apparel has become increasingly high-tech, as more thought is put into the apparel and gear that will give you the best workout possible. In Lebanon, we know the importance of staying fit (no, not just for that bikini bod). Staying healthy and in shape is sexier than a pair of stilettos on a Friday night. Here are our Dos and Don’ts on your workout.

1. Do: Think Athleisure!

Athleisure is the newest buzzword in the world of workout gear (athlete + leisure = athleisure, get it?). If you’re serious about your fitness, you know how hard it can be to fit a gym-run into the day. Sometimes that means wearing athletic clothes around all day in the hopes you might squeeze a workout in before dinner. Plus, being gym-ready all day means you’re much more likely to actually keep your date with the treadmill. Athletic clothing is now taking into account that workout gear shouldn’t mean frumpy old shirts. Brands like Nike, Fabletics, Lulu Lemon, and Adidas are increasingly focusing on designing athletic gear that is stylish and fits you well. Adidas is even teaming up with fashion designer Stella McCartney to make a line of gym wear that looks great for the whole day. Now you can rock gym clothes all day long and still meet your friends for an afternoon coffee. Winning.

2. DON’T: Get too caught up in appearances

We all like to look good, but the gym should be a place where you focus on how you feel, not how you look. This is harder than it sounds. It’s tempting to gloss on an extra coat of mascara (Ladies) or sport your Rolex (Gentlemen) before you head into the gym, but leave the superficiality at home. The gym is a place where you can focus on yourself, your health, and your own goals. The name of the game is self-improvement, not self-obsession.

3. DO: Ask for assistance if you need it

Have you ever stared at all those intimidating workout machines, wondering what they could possibly be for? Or tried TRX without a trainer? To avoid injuries and make sure you’re getting the most of your workout, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. Gym trainers can show you how to properly do your workouts so you don’t end up injuring yourself.

Check the amazing 20% discounts you get with your Lucky To Be Young card at Sports Experts, Class Sport and more.

4. DON’T: Compare yourself to others

In our constantly plugged-in world, it’s hard not to get competitive when it comes to working out. We see our besties’ gym selfies or someone killing it in yoga class and immediately start comparing ourselves to them. We get it. It’s hard to resist the urge to measure yourself up to those around you, but remember, gym time is your time. Don’t compare yourself to anyone but yourself. Focus on your improvement and your goals. Maybe you’re new at yoga and can’t quite nail that headstand yet. Give yourself time and be forgiving. You’ll get there eventually if you focus on your health and strength.  As we say at #LuckyToBeYoung, ‘You Got What It Takes’, it’s your score that matters. It’s your style and it’s about your lifestyle, not others’.

5. DO: Get outside the gym!

Studies have shown that working outdoors results in increased energy levels and a greater feeling of satisfaction. Who could say no to that? You can feel the benefits of working out outdoors from your very first jog, and Beirut is full of places for outdoor recreating if you know where to look. The corniche is home to plenty of joggers and Beirut by Bike is just around the corner. For the more adventurous, try exploring outside the city’s confines. Lebanon is blessed with some seriously beautiful mountains and if you aren’t taking advantage of them, you’re missing out. Hike, bike, surf, climb, swim…The activity is your choice, just get out there and get started!

6. DON’T: Get bogged down by the scale.

We’ve all been there. Tiptoeing onto the scale to weigh yourself and spending the rest of the week obsessing over that number. It’s tempting to give into this kind of thinking, but numbers on a scale shouldn’t hold power over the way you feel. And remember, muscle weighs more than fat. So if you’re pumping out one workout after another, don’t be surprised to see a jump in the scale. You successfully transformed fat into pure muscle. A job well done!

7. DO: Have fun!

Okay, we know it’s cheesy. But seriously, try to have fun! If you enjoy your workout, you’re far more likely to stick to it and see results. Find a workout that works for you. Don’t like the monotony of a treadmill? Try a fast-paced spin class. Whether it’s jogging outdoors, hitting the elliptical, or joining a sports team, finding a routine that you actually look forward to will keep you motivated to stick to your workouts. And when your workout becomes part of your everyday routine, it becomes as important as brushing your teeth every morning. Don’t let anyone tell you you aren’t an athletic person. Anyone can get strong, fit, and fast if they set their minds to it and keep going at it….In the wise words of Nike, just do it.

Now tell us, do you think working out is a lifestyle? Something we should all do to stay fit and healthy, or do you think it’s a trend in Lebanon and everyone should follow?

Comment below 🙂


5 signs you’re on summer break (and loving it!)

Reading Time: 2 minutes

1. You don’t know which day of the week it is.

Going up on a Tuesday has new meaning when you’re on summer break. You couldn’t care less if it’s a Monday or a Saturday. Every day is a day to relax, kick back, and enjoy the summer.

2. You think waking up before 10am should be illegal.

Your mother wants you to wake up early for a trip to visit your teta in the mountains. But it’s summer vacation and your idea of early is anything before 10am. Teta will understand.

3. You haven’t gone to bed before 3am since June.

Summer is a time to let loose and you have been doing that wholeheartedly. On a night out, Lebanese stay out until the early hours of the next morning (hello sunrise!). Even when you’re having a relaxed night in, there’s no reason not to stay up as late as you want, bringing on late-night snacks and Netflix.

4. You sometimes don’t leave the house until 6pm.

We don’t need the weather app to tell us it is hot and humid outside during Lebanese summer. Since you have nothing dragging you out of the house during the day’s sweatiest hours, you have no need to enter the furnace that is Beirut in August. Hamdillah for A/C.

5. Yoga pants are the new black.

Yes, it’s summer and even though we Lebanese take pride in our fashion, there’s nothing more liberating than spending an entire day in yoga pants (shorts for the guys!) and sandals. Summer doesn’t last forever and comfort is key. We deserve it.


4 Tips For Travelling This Summer!

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The hottest months of the year are here and that means it’s time for the Lebanese to pack their bags and head to the trendiest and most beautiful locations around the globe. Whether you’re heading to Mykonos or Bali, it’s important to pack smart so you don’t end up having to buy anything last minute and can focus on having fun. Here are our 4 useful tips to enjoying your vacation this summer!

1. Don’t overpack!

We know, everyone say this. Don’t overpack. But it’s true. Between lugging your suitcase through airports and through the streets of a foreign country, less is more when it comes to packing. Now, we are Lebanese so this might not come naturally to us. I have a friend who actually brought five floor-length gowns for a weekend in Cyprus. Just remember, packing light doesn’t have to mean repeating outfits. The key is to think ahead to what activities you have lined up, and bringing the right clothing. So if you’re planning a week of sightseeing, bring comfortable shoes and leave the stilettos at home.

2. Always wear sunscreen!

Tanning might as well be a national pastime in Lebanon. Head to any beach resort and you are bound to come upon masses of bikini-clad Lebanese glistening with tanning oil. But our penchant for tanning is one we might want to rethink. Sun exposure not only leads to more wrinkles, but is also bad for your health. So lather on that SPF 30 when you’re traveling and make sure to keep your face out of the sun with a nice hat. You’ll be glad you did later.

beach-sea-boat-mountains-lucky to be young

3. Print out your documents!

I love Beirut Airport as much as the next person, but it isn’t exactly top of the line when it comes to technology. Don’t rely on your smartphone when it comes to important travel documents. Print everything you need beforehand, including tickets, travel insurance and hotel reservation information. It may sound old-fashioned but when your smartphone battery dies on you, you’ll be happy to have a few hard copies of everything you need!

4. Take pictures—but don’t live for the Insta!

We’re all guilty of this. Getting to a new place and immediately scanning for the perfect location for our Instagram photo-shoots. While it may be tempting to post pictures of your vacation as soon as you arrive, try to enjoy your trip for yourself. Of course, this is easier said than done. But if you focus on your own happiness and enjoyment, you’ll have a better time than if you spent your trip snapping pictures every few minutes.